The 5 Types Of Dating Profiles You Should Skip Immediately

When it comes to dating, it can be a jungle out there. Yes, anyone who's ever dated knows how brutal the scene can be. It's even worse when you're just coming out of a relationship and, yes, especially when you're over 50. As if it weren't bad enough being set up with your friend's weird brother, you now have the pleasure of perusing potential dates on the Internet.

Online dating can be a gift -- and a curse. If you're lucky, you find Mr. or Mrs. Right while surfing your matches from the comfort of your own home. If you're unlucky, you'll encounter one of these five types of people below:

1. The Oversharer
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We asked our Facebook fans to share the biggest turn-offs they've ever seen in online dating profiles. Oversharing was one of the top complaints. Whether you're thrice-divorced, bitterly-divorced or, yes, even sterile, do everyone (including yourself) a favor and save this kind of heavy stuff for later. Honesty is the best policy, but too much information too soon is never a good thing.

"Here is one statement on a profile that caused me to 'run for the hills': 'I have been married three times and unfortunately those haven't worked out. I'm looking for my fourth wife'," said reader Gina Bowman.

2. The Weird-Selfie-Guy
OK, yes, we want someone who wants us for us, and looks should never be 100 percent of a relationship, but let's face it. A picture is worth a thousand words. And if your photo is you taking a selfie at a funeral, or in the mirror, or is of you in any other odd location/position, your potential admirers will be doing everything they can to stay anyway. Also, keep the Anthony Weiner-style shots for your own private viewing, please.

3. The Guy Who Still Lives With His Parents

This may be OK at 25, but at 50, it's just a big no-no, said reader Rich Irvin. Yes, as the 1999 TLC song goes, "if you live at home wit' your momma," ladies aren't having any of that. P.S. don't make this worse by posting a picture of you and your mom.

4. The Guy Without A Car
This is reader Pamela Williams' biggest turnoff: "I don't own a car so you'd have to pick me up or live on the bus line." Um, OK, we're hoping all you online daters out there know better than to get in a car with a complete stranger, but we also know we'd prefer a grownup with his or her own car for dates down the road.

5. The Liar

This one comes in all shapes and sizes. Yes, yes, folks, using a picture from 15 years ago where you had a lot less around the middle and a lot more up top isn't the smartest idea. Also, lying about your age in the digital age, where a simple Internet search can reveal all, is also not the brightest idea.

"The worst things I see and lying about your age to 'be in a younger' category! Really? are who you are...and if you can easily tell a 'small' lie, who's to know what else your willing to lie about...same with marital status...why lie, and on and on. Integrity is a deal breaker for me...NEXT," said reader Lisa Brewster.



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