Without A Doubt, These Are The 14 Worst Outfits Of 2014

This year we've seen a lot of questionable trends take flight. Birkenstocks have become cool, Tevas are all the rage and even fashionable labels like Rag & Bone showed overalls during their runway shows. And while sometimes ugly trends are fashionable, other times ugly clothes are just ugly.

And in the past 12 months we've seen some seriously awful red carpet ensembles. While some outfits were less egregious than others, many left us running for cover. Between the belly chains, the dresses that looked like costumes and the ill-fitting satin rompers, we've gathered the 14 worst outfits from 2014. Here's to a new year with (hopefully) better style.

Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Rachel Comey show
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Frump city, frump, frump city. Gyllenhaal needs to stop dressing like a 70-year-old and start dressing like the young, megastar that she is.
Jessica White at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party
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We imagine that this is what Janet Jackson's Halloween costume might look like.
Kate Upton at the Met Gala
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Frida Kahlo meets "Little Bo Peep" is never a good look.
Katie Holmes at the Met Gala
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This looks like a Disney princess costume gone wrong. Not only does the actress resemble Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" in her mustard yellow gown, but she is drowning in all that fabric.
Jessie J at the Delete Blood Cancer Gala
You may want to consult Rihanna next time you try the pajama trend, Jessi J, as this just looks like you're wearing your PJs. And no, those gold wedges aren't helping matters.
Lara Stone at the amfAR AIDS Gala
Who knew Stone was moonlighting as a belly dancer?
Rita Ora at the Capital Summertime Ball
Exposed underwear and fishnet pants never make for a winning red carpet look.
Ashley Benson at the BKB, Big Knockout Boxing Event
Getty Images for DIRECTV
Benson's romper seems to be pulling in the crotch area which looks wildly uncomfortable and also unflattering. The fabric is very wrinkled, the plunging neckline that practically reveals her belly button is too low and that sagging bow just looks sad.
Zendaya Coleman at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood issue launch
Unless you're Pharrell, this just isn't going to work.
Hilary Duff at the iHeart Radio Music Festival
Duff took a fashion risk, and it's not paying off. Between the short, strapless leather dress, the cut-out and the metallic ruffle, there's a lot going on. The fit is also odd. This outfit may have been intended for someone with a slightly smaller bust.
Amber Rose at the VMAs
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We get it, Amber Rose, you have an amazing body, but this is no way to show it off. Lil' Kim hand-me-downs don't do you justice.
Lena Dunham at the Emmys
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This looks like a tutu gone wrong -- or like something an angsty teenager might wear to piss off her parents. The top is wrinkled and ill-fitting, and the bottom is simply overwhelming the petite actress.
Sarah Paulson at the Emmys
Paulson fell victim to haute-couture gone wrong. While this may have worked on the runway, in real life it's simply scary. We're experiencing tulle overload.
Alyssa Milano at the "Into The Woods" Premiere
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Milano's outfit does not do her any favors. Not only is the corset giving her an odd shape, but the length of the dress is all wrong-- it should be a few inches shorter, so it sits above the knee and makes her legs appear longer. Also, those bell sleeves have got to go.
Worst-Dressed Stars 2014