The Worst ATM PIN Number Is 1234: Study

The Worst ATM PIN Number Is..

It looks like we have a problem with creativity.

There are 10,000 different possible four-digit ATM PIN numbers, but almost 11 percent of PINs are 1234. In a study by Data Genetics, in which 3.4 million passwords were analyzed, the most popular, and therefore most dangerous PIN numbers were discovered.

The top 10 most common PIN numbers:

  1. 1234
  2. 1111
  3. 0000
  4. 1212
  5. 7777
  6. 1004
  7. 2000
  8. 4444
  9. 2222
  10. 6969

The study used data from "released/exposed/discovered password tables and security breaches," since you can't get access to PIN number databases, Data Genetics explains.

The top 10 most common passwords make up over 20 percent of all of the passwords found, and 26.83% of all passwords could be guessed by attempting the top 20 most popular combinations. The study also revealed that four digit numbers starting with 19 (the century today's adults were born in) are bad passwords.

So what's the solution? First, if any of those passwords are yours, switch them now. Second, pick a better one! The study didn't only find the worst passwords, it also found the best (least popular) ones.

  1. 8068
  2. 8093
  3. 9629
  4. 6835
  5. 7637
  6. 0738
  7. 8398
  8. 6793
  9. 9480
  10. 8957

Of course, now that this list is published their popularity may spike. Sorry!

This epidemic of bad passwords isn't limited to PIN numbers. The top three most popular online passwords last year, according to SplashData, were "password," "123456," and "12345678." Come on, people. You're better than this.

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