Worst States To Retire: Oregon, Alaska, Washington, California, Wisconsin At Bottom Of Study

It's got breathtaking beauty, but Oregon is no place to live out the golden years, a new study says.

The Beaver State ranked as the worst place to retire, according to

In perhaps a hint of sour grapes, Portland station KGW noted that the list did not take into account "the number of beaches, lakes or golf courses." compiled its rankings on the basis of healthcare, crime, taxes, climate and bang for your buck. Oregon got dinged for its cost of living (37th), below-average temperature and hospital bed availability, as well as its above-average tax and crime rates.

Alaska, Washington, California, Wisconsin, Maine, Maryland, Vermont, Minnesota, Delaware and Connecticut round out the worst 10.

"Beware of the beach!" the financial site warned. "Watch out for historic neighborhoods, vineyards, sweeping verandas -- especially if you're about to retire. These places will steal your heart and get you thinking about a permanent move before you've considered all the angles."

Kind of gives a new spin on the "location, location, location" mantra repeated by real estate agents, doesn't it?

As noted in Huff/Post50 previously, Tennessee topped the list of the most desirable states to retire.



The Worst States To Retire