America's Traffic Problem Is More Horrendous Now Than Ever Before

Cover your eyes (but not while you're driving). 🙈 🚙
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Ugh, traffic. Is it actually getting worse, or is your road trip companion just getting more annoying?

... Looks like your companion is off the hook.

The average American commuter spent roughly two days stuck in traffic during 2015, according to new findings from data company Inrix. The number increased by 3 hours since 2013, when Inrix found average American commuters wasted 47 hours in traffic.

Americans also drove more collective miles last year -- 3.15 trillion, to be exact -- than any year in history, the L.A. Times reports.

The bump is mainly due to a rebounding economy, which puts more cars on the road as people head to work, transport experts told the Times. Falling gas prices certainly couldn't have hurt, either.

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The annual Inrix Traffic Scorecard used real-time traffic data to rank road congestion in cities around the world.

Los Angeles was once again the worst city in the U.S., with its commuters enduring an average 81 hours of traffic delays last year. Yikes.

New subway systems, more toll roads and the rise of smart cars could help alleviate U.S. traffic in the future, the Associated Press points out, but that doesn't mean things are going to get any better for now.

Time to rev up our personal flying machines.

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