The 8 Worst Twitter PR Fails

The 8 Worst PR Fails On Twitter

Some brands deftly craft their Twitter presence. Bank of America's @BofA_Help account, for example, has come to be seen as an effective forum where customers' concerns are quickly addressed and solved.

Other brands on Twitter have fallen victim to blunders and over-sharing, where the tweeter-in-charge hastily posts an intemperate or inappropriate thought for a large audience to read. After suffering a Twitter PR disaster, some brands assume responsibility for the controversy, while others blame interns, while still others point to saboteurs from outside the company.

We've compiled a list of the worst Twitter PR fails to date. Offenders include non-profits, automakers, fashion designers and more. Vote for the biggest fail, and check out the worst Twitter fails blamed on interns, as well as a slideshow of tweets that got people fired.

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Twitter PR Fails

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