Worst Valentine's Day Ever: 'I Pretended to Be With My Cheating Boyfriend'

Worst Valentine's Day Ever

For most couples, Valentine's Day means chocolate, flowers and plenty of romance. But the pressure to appear happy can often spell relationship doom. Bad dinners or questionable gifts can certainly do damage, but blogger Jessica Frost's ex offered a surprise that wins the "worst Valentine's ever" award.

Frost had been dating her boyfriend for 2-1/2 years and even helped plan his brother's wedding, she explained to host Abby Huntsman in a segment on HuffPost Live. A week before the big day, Frost found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her, but was still obligated to go to the Valentine's Day nuptials.

"And he decided he didn't want to tell anybody, especially his family, what had happened or even that we'd broken up, so I spent the whole day with his mother coming to me saying 'Don't worry dear, you'll be next. It's your turn, it'll be your big day soon'," Frost said.

"They were feeling sorry for me all day thinking I was sad because I wasn't the bride, when really it was because he was a cheater."

Joining Frost and Huntsman in the conversation were HuffPost Style Senior Editor Brie Dyas, Gifts.com Editor-in-Chief Dayna Holmes, AskMen.com Editor Mike Sheppard and Social Business Consultant Susan Avello.

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