The Absolute Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Give This Year (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

It's the thought that counts -- but who knows what these people were thinking.

Tomorrow is conventionally considered to be the most romantic day of the year, so you've probably come up with an over-the-top way to show your sweetheart how much you care, right? Alright... if you haven't gotten to it yet, don't panic. Just remember that the best presents are sweet, simple and come from the heart. (And aren't made of scratchy synthetic lace.) Lucky for you, our senior editor, Brie Dyas, joined a panel of experts on HuffPost Live to discuss how to avoid giving the worst Valentine's Day gifts this year.

As Brie mentions in the clip above, the holiday is packed with pressure and can bring our the best or worst in your relationship. So she suggests to pay attention to what your loved one likes, and steer clear of the cliché stuff like bad lingerie, generic candy and carnations. Yikes! So watch the clip to learn more from the experts, and make sure to click through the slideshow below of 17 Valentine's Day gifts that would definitely ruin your relationship.

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Valentine's Day Gifts That Will End Your Relationship

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