6 Valentines To Give Someone You Secretly Hate

Cupid would be proud.

Who says Valentine's Day has to be just for lovers? What about the people you don't like? Why not give them any of the following awful, edible (nonlethal) gifts instead, to help them feel more included? Cupid would be proud.

A Romantic Dinner
Reservations for a candle-lit dinner are open at White Castles across the country.
A Chocolate A-Hole
Five boxes of an edible anus molded after yours ($38.95, Edible Anus)
A Meat Bouquet
Salami bouquet smells like meat flowers ($85, Olympia Provisions).
DIY Underwear
100 percent homemade and edible briefs (DIY, free).
A Posing Pouch
Can't go wrong with a candy thong ($8.70, Amazon).
(And If You Want To Win Them Over...)
Another brilliant idea from the Internet. Thanks, Internet.

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