12 Terrible Tales Of Wedding Guests Behaving Badly

12 Terrible Tales Of Wedding Guests Behaving Badly

Every wedding has at least one them -- guests who just can't seem to keep their sh*t together.

One Redditor recently asked users to share the "most appalling" wedding guest behavior they've ever witnessed. Below are 12 stories that range from mildly embarrassing to straight-up disgraceful. And yes, alcohol is often involved.

1. "At the reception, the new couple was sitting there with a long line of people waiting to pay their respects. The groom's mother cuts in front and says in a really loud voice to the bride, 'Your sister just told me to go f**k myself. What the f**k are you going to do about it?'"

"The brother of the groom
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3. "I used to work for a wedding planner and one time a guest STOLE the bride's dress. The bride had changed into a short, more comfortable dress for her grand exit. On the security cameras in the venue, you could see the guest run into the bathroom while everyone watched the couple leave and take the dress, which cost thousands of dollars, out the back door. She denied it until we threatened to press charges and then claimed, 'I was going to wash it' for the bride."

4. "I farted really loud and the wedding just paused."

"I was at a wedding maybe five years ago. The bride's family was from northern Canada. During her speech, the groom's mother said,
My mouth hit the ground."
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6. "I was accompanying my girlfriend to her friends' wedding. She goes off to mingle and tells me to put the gift on the table with the others. Few minutes go by with me standing at the bar, bored. She: 'Quick. Get the present, we're leaving!' Me: 'WTF?' She: 'Wrong wedding. Hotel next door.' By now the wedding gifts had been moved to a more central table and piled high. And that's why I had to dig through a table of wedding gifts to retrieve one before heading out the door with it. Not loving the glances I got."

7. "At my wedding, my mother-in-law stood up and declared, 'This marriage between H and what's-her-name will never last.' I am 'what's-her-name' and after 13 years, I'm still pissed (and happily married)."

8. "The MC gets up and does his last little speech and says the father of the groom is going to get up to finish his speech. This was apparently a complete lie -- the mother bursts into the room with her ballroom dance partner, dragging him by the tie to some Tina Turner song, and starts doing the most inappropriate dance I have ever seen in the middle of the dance floor. I felt sick and the bride looked like she was going to cry."

"My uncle, who was doubling as the photographer,
because he was so drunk. He also loaded all of his film wrong and no pictures came out."
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10. "My mother-in-law showed up to the venue wasted at 10 a.m., took pictures of me topless before I put on my dress, fell on my dress and kept saying 'HEART YOU' so she didn't have to say 'I love you' to me since I was stealing her son away from her."

11. "The DJ throws 'Kung Fu Fighting' into the set. I look out to see this sweaty drunk weirdo start to kung-fu kick the main pole holding up this monster tent. Kicking it to the beat and karate chopping it. Hard. The lights actually started to flicker, and the tent along with the lanterns and decorations would jump with every hit. Nobody did a thing. Everyone just stared at him. Then he started head-butting the pole. Every smack let out a thud you could actually hear between beats."

12. "At my wedding, my aunt's second husband threw his dinner in the trash because it 'wasn't steak.' He insulted the cake (which I made myself) to my husband because it 'looked like a tree,' which was the entire point."

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