Worst 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Ever Blows Shot At $1 Million Prize

Worst Wheel Of Fortune Fail Ever

Talk about bad luck.

On "Wheel of Fortune" last week, Indiana University honors student Julian Batts had three chances to solve puzzles -- including one in which every single letter had been turned and all he had to do was correctly read the words on the board -- and still managed to botch it.

Batts' failure to correctly pronounce the name "Achilles" cost him a shot at a million bucks. He also managed to lose both a car and a trip to London that were practically his for the taking.

Don't worry, this doesn't quite turn into a "Wheel of Misfortune" for Batts. Against all odds, he managed to win the game and make it to the bonus round anyway.

"Julian, I don't think anyone has ever taken a more circuitous route to victory," host Pat Sajak said.

Watch the video above... and try not to cringe.

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