WotWentWrong Will Explain Why Your Date Was Such A Delinquent

There's no shortage of sites to help you find a date. But what about what comes next?

The recently-launched WotWentWrong, more break-up app than dating site, promises to help you do a post-mortem on the delinquent date who never called, never followed up, and never explained why.

WotWentWrong boasts it can "help people to find out why their relationship ended" and even assist them to improve their dating technique by soliciting feedback on all their annoying mannerisms and neuroses.

"She's okay with the fact that she won't be dating Peter or Mark again. But wouldn't it be nice if they could tell her they lost interest so she doesn't repeat the same mistakes again?" asks a narrator in WotWentWrong's introductory video. "Maybe there's a pattern she keeps repeating but isn't aware of."

In essence, the website offers to replace the friend who has traditionally acted as a go-between for a couple and that asks, after no text, email or phone call, "So, Bianca was just wondering..."

Want to know why your date never texted you back? WotWentWrong will first help you pen a "Dear John" query letter asking for an explanation (users choose from 11 different templates with descriptions like "flippant," "philosophical," "cool" and "historical"), then helps you incentivize your delinquent date to respond to your query by having you rate his or her appearance, kissing skills, sense of humor and style.

Don't count on anything too personal, though you can customize the text. Here's what WotWentWrong's "philosophical" template for its "feedback request" looks like:

Hi [first name of the person you went on a date with],

Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest".

And I'd really like to know what went wrong with us. Just for my benefit.

Do you think you could let me know?

Thanks in advance,

[your name here]

The person you're pumping for information will receive an email alerting them that "Bianca B has sent you a personal feedback request from WotWentWrong" and "Bianca is hoping to understand WotWentWrong with your dates." In order for your dates to find out how you've rated their looks, sense of humor, and kissing prowess, they'll have to first explain what it was about your personality or relationship that "bothered" them. WotWentWrong helpfully provides 12 categories of feedback, such as "Something's missing" or "It's about how you treat me," within which there are more specific explanations.

Clicking on the "lifestyle" category presents the feedback-giver a dropdown menu of more than a dozen choices, ranging from "You don't earn enough money for the lifestyle I want to have" to "You don't like pets." The "Physical/Sexual" category gets even more personal ("Too hairy?" "You finish sex too quickly?" Ouch).

WotWentWrong's pitch is that its service offers a "portal to finding out the truth in a socially acceptable way," and maintains that "calling or emailing an Ex for an answer can be so -- stalkery."

"Stalkery?" Really? Well, we have to wonder then how they'd describe "getting a third party website to pen an email for you and communicate with your ex in your place."

"Disturbing" was how one person characterized the sample WotWentWrong email he received, noting it looked like spam. Another said that if a girl sent him such a "feedback request," he'd "think she was a psycho."

Pumping an old flame for information isn't all WotWentWrong will do. The site also gives you the ability to offer "Proactive Feedback" -- or tell your date everything they did wrong.

The press release explains. "In the spirit of helping an Ex put their best foot forward, users thinking 'For their own sake, I really wish someone would tell them that' can do exactly that -- without having to receive a request first."

This calls to mind another site, ExRated, that offers a Yelp for exes: a place for people to anonymously review their former lovers' behavior, habits, and overall datability for their future flames to find (Read more about it here).

Visit for your yourself to see if the service is right for you.