Would-Be Robbers Arrested After Chicago Restaurant Owner Tells Them To Come Back An Hour Later

Would-Be Robbers Pull Unbelievably Dumb Move

A pair of would-be Chicago restaurant robbers have proved not every crime has a "mastermind" behind it.

Chicago police and prosecutors say Mario Garcia, 39, and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez, 28, went to the Clifton Grill in West Rogers Park late Sunday demanding food and telling the owner, "I will kill you, I have a gun with me,’’ the Tribune reports.

Concerned for his customers' safety, police say the owner told the men he was too busy but to come back in an hour -- and they did.

According to CBS Chicago when the men showed up a second time just after midnight, they demanded $100 in addition to food. The owner told the guys he needed to get his wife’s check book, which bought him enough time to call police.

The men were charged with one count of attempted aggravated robbery each. Garcia-Hernandez is also charged with possession of a replica firearm, United Press International reports. According to police, the replica used: a squirt gun.

The two men are due in court Aug. 19.

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