Would Legalizing Pot Help the Economy?

Now's your chance, marijuana. The economy is bleeding jobs and businesses. The world's greatest Olympian who's ever lived smokes you. Our government could use the tax revenue after becoming a Wall Street ATM. You've turned furry Seth Rogen into a supa-star. So if you've ever had a time to shine, pot, it's now.

There is a chance, and it's a window that will last as long as Grapes of Wrath 2.0, to legalize marijuana in the name of industry and creating jobs.

The backlash against Kellogg's for pulling the plug on Phelps' endorsement deal over the bong smoking pic is being fueled by a Facebook group and pro-legalize it lobbying groups, like Marijuana Policy Project. These people will be the ones leading the charge.

It could happen. I dug around on the internets and pulled together some numbers on what we stand to gain if marijuana is decriminalized. They look pretty good. Sure, the tax revenue will be a drop in the bucket compared to how much we're giving our i-banker friends.

Hey, if legalizing it makes sense to a Nobel laureate, then it's good enough for me. Check out the nitty-gritty stats and figures here for some fun party trivia and inspiration for political action.

I really do think now's the tipping point for Mary Juanita.