The 11 Finds Our Shopping Editors Were Obsessed With In January

This month we were all about staying hydrated, wearing comfortable-as-hell tights and using the internet's favorite blowdry brush.

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When you shop for a living, you come across many different products for many, many different things. There are problem-solving gadgets, life-changing lotions and potions, and random little finds that just makes everyday life a little more joyful.

If you’re an avid HuffPost reader, chances are you know our HuffPost Finds team reviews products — anything from weird nail strengtheners to meal kit subscriptions. The goal is to help you find the best products to help you live a better life.

That means we’re trying a lot of different items you might be curious about, which is why we’re starting a new monthly series called “Would Recommend.” Think of it as a destination for the products we’re talking about and obsessing over each month. They’re probably the products we’re recommending to our friends and family off-the-record — except now we’re letting you in on the secret.

Check back next month for our favorite finds of February 2020. In the meantime, check out the 11 finds our editors loved this month.

Take a look:

The blowdryer brush the internet is obsessed with
I finally listened to all the hype and got the now-famous Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush. The brush was even profiled/investigated in a Vox story recently. I have been blow-drying my hair almost every other day in the past few months and had too many bad hair days to count. I don’t really have the patience to sit there with a brush and hope for the best. So I bought the Revlon brush to see if it would cut the time I was spending on my hair. And for the most part, I do like it. It gets my hair dry in 10 minutes and leaves it shiny with some waves. I use an OGX Argan oil and thermal spray that I’m sure helps my hair along, too. The brush doesn’t volumize my hair — it leaves it straighter on top, and it can get a bit tiring to keep rolling the brush through my hair. Still, I just really appreciate not having to spend too much time on my hair anymore. I got mine at Walmart for $35 but you can get the brush at Amazon and Target, too, for the same price. — Ambar Pardilla, Commerce Writer (Find it for $35 at Walmart.)
A product that'll save dry, flaky skin
I love my face wash (I swear by Bosica's Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser for keeping my skin clean and free of breakouts), but because charcoal is drying, it's extremely harsh on the skin for winter. I've been told I should try and find a softer face wash, but I'm stubborn. I like what I like. So instead, I found Drunk Elephant's F Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask. What I love about this product is that it can be used in tandem with other Drunk Elephant products. It can be used in one of two ways: a few pumps every night as the last step in your skin care routine, or slathered on as a sleeping mask. It's incredibly rich and hydrating, and leaves my skin feeling like it's had a tall glass of water. If you suffer from dry, flaky winter skin, it's worth snagging a little bottle of this stuff. — Brittany Nims, Commerce Content & Strategy Manager (Find it for $52 at Sephora.)
The best pair of tights you'll ever put on your body
I hate shopping for tights. Each winter, I’ll find a cheap pair from Target that is comfortable enough, and buy several pairs so I have a replacement on hand for when they inevitably rip. Not this year. I recently received a pair of Heist tights, and could feel the difference before I’d even tried them on. They’re designed with a really thick and wide "adaptive waistband," which is a fancy way of saying they don’t dig into your skin or roll down. These are genuinely the only pair of tights I’ve ever found that are comfortable enough to wear all day, flattering from the top down and that have lasted through several wears (and washes!). They’re also really size-inclusive, available in U.S. sizes 0 to 20, and come in several shades. They even have seven "representatives shades of nude," so you’re sure to find your match. — Nims (Find them for $38 at Heist.)
A spa day in a bottle
Glossier has a permanent residency in my medicine cabinet and makeup bag. On any given day, I'm wearing at least one of the brand's products. I used to think if could only choose one it would be Boy Brow, but now I think it might be Future Dew. I smear one pump of it across my cheekbones, eyelids and nose for a dewy, just-walked-out-of-the steam-room glow. — Danielle Gonzalez, Commerce Specialist (Find it for $24 at Glossier.)
A glass bottle that ensures you're drinking enough water
Uncommon Goods
It’s not uncommon for me to come home from work and say, "I have a massive headache! After three coffees and no water all day, it’s a complete mystery as to why!" My boyfriend, worried for my health and overall sanity, bought me this cute glass water bottle for Christmas to keep at my desk, and it surprisingly works. I appreciate being able to keep track of just exactly how much water I’m drinking every day, and appreciate that the refill point aligns with lunchtime. It is glass, so those with butter fingers be wary. — Nims (Find it for $20 on Uncommon Goods.)
A way to read anywhere
I've had the same Barnes & Noble Nook since, like, forever, but last summer it died. I'm currently pursuing a master's degree and buy most of my textbooks on Kindle so I can read them on my laptop, which can be kind of limiting, especially when I have time to kill on the subway. My New Year's resolution is to read more for pleasure, so when I saw this waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for $40 off, I knew I had to snag it. — Gonzalez (Find it for $130 on Amazon.)
A gold ring you can wear every day
I’ve been looking for a gold ring to wear every day that goes with anything. I wanted it to stay pretty simple, too. I’ve been a faraway fan of Mejuri for awhile — doing some late-night Instagram stalking on the brand’s posts sometimes. I ended up getting the croissant-shaped ring because I love how delicate it looks. It reminds me of something you might find at a vintage shop from the ’80s. This one’s made with vermeil, and I’ve had a lot of good luck with vermeil lately, avoiding scratches and that weird green mark on your finger that you can get from cheap rings. — Pardilla (Find it for $65 at Mejuri.)
A beret from a British hat maker that’s been around longer than the U.S.
I just returned from a week-long trip to London, where I kept spotting women wearing the most European of accessories: berets. Naturally, the only thing for me to do was to immediately buy one for myself. I snagged a bright red beret from Christys Hats, a British hat maker that’s been around since 1773. I was a little nervous about styling it, but because it’s made entirely of knitted wool, it’s warm enough to wear as an everyday winter hat. Unfortunately, I don’t see the red color I purchased available online, but there are plenty of other shades worth browsing. — Nims (Find it for $21 at Christys.)
A dry skin-season savior for the lips
It’s dry skin season, and my lips have definitely been getting much more chapped lately. While I’ve been using my tried-and-true Caudalie lip balm during the day, I’ve been dabbing on this lip sleeping mask from LANEIGE before bed. It doesn’t feel heavy, and I wake up with smoother lips that are ready for lipstick. — Pardilla (Find it for $20 at Sephora.)
The perfect rattan chair
First off, huge shout out to the guy who sold me this secondhand furniture for not being a murderer. Watching "You" has made me quite the skeptic. Anyway, I've been looking for a rattan chair to go with my desk, but I'm trying to be more budget-conscious in the new year so I did a little digging and was able to snag this gorgeous Anthropologie chair for less than the sticker price. — Gonzalez (Find it for $98 at Anthropologie.)
Another addition to a growing blazer collection:
I first spotted this blazer in Nordstrom’s last sale of 2019, and I kept thinking and thinking about it, which is one of my telltale signs that I should buy something (don’t want to have any regrets or what-ifs!). I have a fair number of blazers, but I loved the solid sleeves on this one and the subtle houndstooth print. Sometimes I have some trouble finding blazers that fit me because I’m both petite and a bit curvier, so I sized up one size to a 10. I really loved the feel and fit of this blazer when I got it. It’s such an easy thing to throw on over a turtleneck and jeans to feel a little dressier. It’s still on sale at Nordstrom, even weeks after the site’s sale ended. — Pardilla (Find it for $74 at Nordstrom.)