The 11 Finds Our Shopping Editors Were Obsessed With In March

This month we were all about fuzzy work-from-home slipper sandals, hype-worthy meal kits and splurgy mascaras for feeling like everything's OK.

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Useful, practical and a few splurgy finds that’ll make life these days a bit more joyful and bearable.
Useful, practical and a few splurgy finds that’ll make life these days a bit more joyful and bearable.

Introducing Would Recommenda monthly collection of our shopping editors’ favorite finds on the internet, brought to you by HuffPost Finds.

There are things that you try and don’t understand what all the hype was about. There are things that you might splurge on and come to absolutely adore. And then there are things that you definitely would recommend to anyone who will listen — as the shopping editors at HuffPost Finds know all too well.

We literally browse deals, steals, dupes, hyped-up and cult-favorite products all day. From demystifying the magical realm of bidets to searching for plant delivery services that make your home cozier to figuring out how to work at home without a desk, we virtual window-shop a lot.

Now that we’re all online shopping a bit more, we hope to cut through the clutter and bring you all kinds of practical, useful and even a few splurgy finds that’ll make life these days a bit more joyful and bearable.

From Dalmatian-printed dresses and furry work-from-home slipper sandals to reliable meal kits and dramatic earrings, these are the products we’re talking about with each other and with our friends and families this month.

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Below, check out what we would recommend this month:

An unconventional pair of work-from-home shoes
"I recently stumbled across the Instagram account @WFHfits and found myself scrolling through many of the posts looking for both story inspiration and ideas for my own personal WFH style. When I found this post, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I needed a pair of fuzzy sandal slippers like those in my life right now. I had such an overwhelming, all-consuming urge to own these absurd-looking slippers that I eventually looked them up and purchased them from Zappos. Worth it.

I love them because they’re the perfect WFH shoe. They have hard bottoms so I can run outside for packages if need be, yet are still as comfortable as fuzzy socks. I hate being barefoot and especially loathe the idea of taking a work call with bare feet. These are a good alternative." — Brittany Nims, Head of Commerce

Find them for $100 at Zappos.
A splurgy Gucci mascara
"I've been looking to try out a new mascara. While I've been using the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara, I haven't been completely in love with how it leaves my lashes and it's a little hard to take off. Since this mascara's new and Sephora has free shipping, I decided to give it a go. It lengthens my bottom lashes, leaves my top lashes curled and doesn't come off during the day but washes off easily at night." — Ambar Pardilla, Commerce Writer

Find it for $35 at Sephora.
A minimalist water bottle
"I’ve been on the hunt for a new water bottle to keep at my desk for quite some time now. A bottle that would hold me accountable to drinking enough water for the day, but wasn't super heavy or bulky. I hate the way reusable plastic bottles make my water taste and how cold the water stays in aluminum bottles, so glass would be best, but not something so fragile it would break if I dropped it. While I'm very aware of this being a first-world problem, I'm just a woman struggling to stay hydrated during the 40-hour work week. That's when I discovered these bkr glass water bottles that come in 250ML, 500ML and 1L sizes and have a protective silicone sleeve. I ordered The Big 1L bottle during the brand's warehouse sale and I'm obsessed. It's not heavy and challenging myself to fill and drink it twice a day to hit 68 ounces has done wonders for my water intake." — Danielle Gonzalez, Associate Commerce Editor

Normally $48, find it on sale for $28 at bkr.
A meal kit that’s worth the hype
Sun Basket
"I’ve tried out several meal kits in my day, including Blue Apron and HelloFresh, but I’ve found that none are as easy to use as Sun Basket. I’ve been using Sun Basket for a couple of months now and am extremely glad to have the service on repeat order now that shopping in stores in online grocery delivery is sketchy. I like the comfort of knowing I have a few healthy meals and ingredients coming each week that I can supplement with staples around the house.

Sun Basket is unique in that most of the ingredients in your meal kit are organic and sustainable. The service also caters to different diets, like paleo and gluten-free. (I’m vegetarian.) And, there’s very minimal meal prep for a tasty end result. Many of the ingredients come pre-mixed, sliced or marinated, so all you have to do is chop a few final ingredients, whip out a skillet or baking sheet, and toss it all together." — Nims

Learn more about the meal plans at Sun Basket.
A pair of mother-of-pearl and pearl sunglasses
"With the days getting sunnier, I've been hoping to find sunglasses that I can wear on walks in my neighborhood. I've been really into Lele Sadoughi's designs lately, especially since she tends to go maximalist with her work (like pearls, gemstones, glitter and prints). I liked the vintage feel of these sunglasses and couldn't resist the pearls on the side." — Pardilla

Find them for $195 at Shopbop.
A Dalmatian printed midi dress
"I was trying to grow my midi dress collection for spring (not knowing I'd be spending the foreseeable future in athleisure), but when life goes back to normal I'll be wearing dresses every damn day. This dress is super comfortable with a relaxed fit. The funky black and white print looks great with a red lip and white boots, but I can't wait to rock it with a pair of strappy sandals once the weather warms up." — Gonzalez

Usually $53, find it on sale for $26 at Missguided.
A twirl-worthy, beaded tunic dress
"In the winter, I realized that I hadn't really worn a lot of dresses. I want to say it was because of the cold, but it was honestly just me not wanting to put on a pair of tights. For the future, I'm hoping to change that but luckily, I can go bare-legged in this beaded tunic. It runs a little big, so I ordered a petite version and size down from my usual size. It fits perfectly. " — Pardilla

Find it on sale for $100 at Anthropologie.
A jumpsuit that’s perfect for lounging and working
Universal Standard
"Adjusting to the WFH life has been hard. I used to be a reliable subscriber to Rent The Runway for all things workwear, so getting used to not wearing pretty dresses, fun boots and dangly jewelry every day has been hard. Instead, I’ve been seeking out comfortable WFH clothes that aren’t yoga pants, sweats or jeans — but what does that leave?

Jumpsuits. Lots and lots of jumpsuits. I’ve been on the hunt for WFH clothes that are more comfortable than jeans, but are more dressy and work-appropriate than yoga pants. Jumpsuits are my new go-to.

This Universal Standard Kate Twill Jumpsuit is the newest addition to my wardrobe. It’s baggy and comfortable enough that I don’t feel confined sitting in it all day, but it’s dressy enough on the top that I’m ready for Google Hangouts and Zoom calls. I’ve even been pairing it with a striped turtleneck on cooler days, like they’ve styled the model on the site. But I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to go sans sleeves in it, too." — Nims

Find it for $185 at Universal Standard.
A pair of lily blossom earrings
"I've seen these Lele Sadoughi lily blossom earrings on Instagram and in all different colors. I didn't know that J.Crew and Lele Sadoughi had a collab together. I loved the kaleidoscope feel of this pair, with those blue and brown hues. But I especially fell for the crystal clusters in the middle. I've been wearing them almost daily for work video chats." — Pardilla

Find them on sale for $118 at J.Crew.
A digital coffee mug that keeps coffee warm for hours
MoMA Design Store
"I’m a self-diagnosed coffee snob, which means I’m very particular about how I drink and enjoy my morning cup of joe. I like my coffee black, no sugar, fresh ground from quality coffee beans (preferably Bluestone Lane’s Flagstaff beans or Blue Bottle’s Bella Donovan blend) -- and it must be piping hot.

I received the Ember Ceramic Smart Mug as a gift a few years ago, and didn’t put it to use much until I started working from home. The mug comes with a charging base that looks nice sitting on a desk. When you download the Ember app, you can set your precise preferred drinking temperature and the mug will keep your drink there. Through conference calls, meetings, Slack sessions and bathroom breaks, your drink will stay just as hot as you like it, for up to an hour and a half without the charging base, and all day if you set it atop the base.

And, though you can find from chain retailers like Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond, I recommend snagging one from the MoMA Design Store. Unfortunately, the MoMA and its shop are now closed, but shopping through the MoMA Design Store’s website is an easy way to support the museum right now." — Nims

Find it for $100 at the MoMA Design Store.
A pair of stretchy leggings for lounging and working
"Once it became clear that I'd be home for the next few weeks, I knew I needed to stock up on leggings. These SYRINX leggings had a 4.3-star rating and over 8,000 reviews, so I ordered a three-pack in black. They're high-waisted and made with a lightweight, stretchy material but aren't see-through and never roll down. I can wear them to work out but also to curl up on the couch, which is great for my laundry basket." — Gonzalez

Find the pack of three for $28 at Amazon.