The 10 Finds Our Shopping Editors Were Obsessed With In September

This month, we're all about a trusty tampon subscription, a nostalgic game for these stressful times and a faux fur blanket for sweater weather.

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These are the useful, practical and sometimes splurgy finds that our shopping editors would recommend this month.
These are the useful, practical and sometimes splurgy finds that our shopping editors would recommend this month.

This is “Would Recommend a collection of our shopping editors’ favorite finds on the internet, brought to you by HuffPost Finds.

Our shopping editors have been doing tons of shopping in September. From space heaters that won’t take up too much space to the best places to find art deco-inspired furniture, we’ve been busy searching the internet for what’s actually worth buying.

This month, we went to the greener pastures of cottagecore, the biggest trend to come out of quarantine. We found a few Latinx-owned businesses that you can support now and always. We even asked experts for tips on how to actually store away your seasonal clothes.

At the end of the month, we can’t help but reflect on our own shopping habits, too, and there are a few things that we definitely would recommend. Those things make it here, to our “Would Recommend” series, where we tell you about our favorite finds and why we love them so much.

In September, our editors we obsessed with trusty tampon subscription, a nostalgic game to get through these tough times and a faux fur blanket that’s warm enough for the cold weather.

Be sure to check out what we couldn’t get enough of in August 2020 and the best buys we made during this quarantine summer. Then check back next month to see what we’ll be recommending in October.

Below, check out what we would recommend this month:

A ring holder that comes in handy
Urban Outfitters
I have lots of jewelry (about 200 pieces — it's ridiculous, I know), and I don't really have much room for everything. In my defense, I've been collecting since I was a teenager. And with tons of time on my hands thanks to quarantine, I've been slowly but surely racking up even more jewelry in the past few months. I've been looking for jewelry storage that's both practical and pretty. Once I spotted this ring holder, I ordered it right away. It's made of ceramic but it's sturdy (I may have dropped it a few times) and came packaged well in a box. This holder keeps my rings organized so I don't have trouble finding my favorite ones in the morning. I also bought the matching stash box for cotton balls. — Ambar Pardilla, Commerce Writer

Find it for $19 at Urban Outfitters.
A set of cast-iron skillets for fall cooking
It's cast-iron skillet season, friends. From apple crisps and cinnamon rolls to homemade biscuits with ooey, gooey apple butter, 'tis the season for some of fall's tastiest treats a la the trusty cast-iron skillet. This set of three pre-seasoned Lodge cast-iron skillets comes with an 8-inch, 10-inch and 13-inch skillet, so it includes every size you could need, whether you want to make melty baked Brie or a skillet apple cake. I'm vegetarian, but I would bet this skillet is excellent for braising short ribs and crisping chicken thighs, too. Just remember to refresh yourself on how to season, clean and care for a cast-iron skillet. — Brittany Nims, Head of HuffPost Finds

Find it for $100 at Williams-Sonoma.
A trusty tampon subscription
I signed up for LOLA this summer and will never buy tampons at the store again. You can customize your box with tampons ranging from light to super-plus absorbency and have them delivered to your door every one, three or six months for just $9 a box. They're made with 100% organic cotton and none of the sketchy stuff. I also love the cleansing wipes. — Danielle Gonzalez, Associate Commerce Editor

Check out LOLA's subscription plans.
A faux fur blanket to get through sweater weather
Finally, it's my favorite time of the year. It's been a long, long, long quarantine summer, and I've been patiently waiting to put away my shorts until next year. But even before the official start of fall, I planned on splurging on this blanket that I've had my eyes on for a while. And I'm very happy I did. This faux fur blanket is so soft — it's the perfect thing to throw on when you're watching TV on the couch. — Pardilla

Find it for $98 at Nordstrom.
A new tie-dye PJ set to lounge in
If you're like me, your weekly rotation of PJs and loungewear might be looking worse for wear these days. With the changing seasons, I'm ready to trade in my tank top PJ sets for fleecy long-sleeved sleep sets that can double as evening or weekend loungewear. This tie-die PJ set from Amazon is exactly what I wanted, but was also really affordable. It's really soft, extremely warm and oversized for coziness. I like that it's just a touch of tie-dye rather than in-your-face color. If this isn't quite your style, however, we have a full guide to some of the best-looking tie-dye loungewear on Amazon. — Nims

Find it for $32 at Amazon.
A set of Away suitcases
I fell in love with Away luggage on a family trip to Europe, when I managed to shove 44 items into The Bigger Carry-On for a 10-day trip. It's such a practical, well-made suitcase. And when I found out the brand was having its first-ever sale, I knew I had to invest in my own set. I got the set of three, which includes The Large, The Medium and either of The Carry-Ons (I opted for The Bigger Carry-On), in Amber, a shimmering rust color I know I'll be able to spot from a mile away at the airport. While I won't be flying anytime soon, I know this luggage will come in handy for future travels (and for 50% off, I couldn't pass it up). Unfortunately, Away's sale isn't going on anymore, but I would still highly recommend this as a holiday gift for anyone who's suffering from serious wanderlust. — Gonzalez

Check out Away's suitcases.
A hair mask that's helped my oiler-than-usual locks
I recently rediscovered this hair mask that was hiding in the back of a bathroom drawer. I used to use it all the time, but then just stopped when I ran out of my last tub in the beginning of the year. From Project Beauty, these hair masks are made with different yogurts and are called hairgurts. There's one that's strawberry and banana, and another that's coconut and açai, but I use the almond and honey one. It's meant to repair hair. My hair can get pretty oily after just a day or two of not washing it, but I've been noticing it's been getting even oiler throughout the summer. Luckily, I found an extra of the almond and honey tub that I didn't know I had a few weeks ago. I can already see a difference in my hair — it looks much healthier than before and much less oily. The almond and honey leaves my hair smelling delicious. I leave it on in the shower after I shampoo and I've noticed that the longer you leave it in, the better. It's recommended that you leave it in for five to 10 minutes and I go the full 10. — Pardilla

Find it for $10 at Anthropologie.
A nostalgic game for these stressful times
I grew up playing the Nintendo64. It was the first gaming console I ever owned. I probably spent more hours of my childhood playing Super Mario 64 than any other game. Though I haven't really been much of a gamer since then, I got really into "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" for Nintendo Switch at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and quickly remembered what a therapeutic form of escapism gaming can be. With the new release of "Super Mario 3D All-Stars," Nintendo revamped three classics — "Super Mario 64," "Super Mario Sunshine" and "Super Mario Galaxy" — for the Nintendo Switch. It's been a real treat to take a dive into some of my most memorable childhood memories (like returning the lost baby penguin to its mother, draining the moat under Princess Peach's castle and fighting Big Boo in the haunted mansion) during these increasingly stressful times. Parents who grew up playing these games might find a special joy in sharing some of their favorite video games with their kids right now, too. — Nims

Find it for $60 at Amazon.
A candle that's pretty lit
I worked retail at Anthropologie in college and have yet to find a candle I love more than the Capri Blue Volcano. I'm obsessed with the smokey citrus scent and always stock up whenever Anthropologie has a home sale. I also decided to add the diffuser oil to my cart for the first time so I can fill my space with my favorite scent when I'm not home to light candles. — Gonzalez

Find it for $32 at Anthropologie.
A choker that's subtly feminist
I didn't need another necklace, but I couldn't resist this one, which has a magnetic clasp in the front that's easy to slip on and off. This necklace features a thick chain that won't break easily and two hands that shake in agreement (a "gentlewoman's agreement" as the necklace is called). It's made by MLE, a New York-based jewelry brand that's all about female empowerment and sustainability. And those are two things I can definitely get behind. — Pardilla

Find it for $108 at Anthropologie.

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