Would You Like to Go on a Reading Date With Me?

I don't know about you, but I am a complete tsundoku (a Japanese word meaning to buy books and not reading them, i.e. a book-hoarder). Though I must admit that as an amateur book collector at one point I do actually pick one up from the pile and read it.

Reading is definitely what I consider to be the perfect hobby. I love having book-dates- as in having a 'one on one' date with a book. How would I do that? Well, I would take the 'lucky pick' out for some coffee, perhaps tucked it in my bag while I take a stroll in the park and would read it later while sitting on a bench by the lake. Sometimes I even take it to restaurants for lunch. Trust me; I treat the book with respect. It has my full attention and our interaction is seldom disturbed by the outside world which includes smartphone distraction.

As much as I enjoy reading on my own, sometimes I have to interact socially with an actual human being and go on a date with him (in my case). Thus, switching my intimate book dates to 'real' dates. I am sure that most of you have wonderful anecdotes related to the dating scene - some might be hilarious, some might be good and some might (sadly) be disappointing or straight bad. When the date does not go accordingly as planned, a book-date would have simply been safer bet. Then one night, I had this idea of a 2-in-1 formula that could really be my winning ticket: Reading Dates.

In my opinion, reading-dates are simply PERFECT and wonderful. Why? Well, here are the reasons to sustain such a statement:

1. The other person actually reads and we all agree and know that intelligence is utterly sexy. Here is something to look forward to if you are into words, the other person can cite some of literature's most beautiful sentences (i.e. "The curves of your lips rewrite history" - The Picture of Dorian Gray). Or some poetry? John Donne comes to mind.

Of course, bonus points if she/he brings a book in a foreign language ( Mon amour, voulez vous lire un livre avec moi ce soir? Les liaisons dangeureuses? - Swooning yet?)

2. The only flaw perhaps in reading dates is that it is not the best type of first date. In this case, grabbing food together as an ice breaker and then going to the movies after is quite a great deal. In my opinion, reading dates can serve as a great gauging tool to see how 'close' you are. Bear with me... Picture this, each person reading a book in the presence of the other person in silence (perhaps with an instrumental music playing softly in the background). The 'not talking' is no longer awkward. Therefore you have the whole intimacy aspect figured out because you are simply comfortable with each other's silent presence. You are just 'there' in the moment together. This is a telltale sign that you both are into each other, right? And imagine those cute glances you both exchange from time to time during a lecture session à deux, one is reading Sophie's World while the other is reading The World is Flat. Both of your hands touching... Sharing a bit of that kissy-kissy? Are you melting yet? I am!

3. Dinners, movies, getting ice cream together - of course these are superb couple's activities, but what happens when the end of the month is near? A reading date is your answer for it is free of charge and very simple to organize. You do not need much to set it and you can let that creative mind of yours run free.

Reading dates only requires an ingredient: a book (or two if you both do not feel like sharing). No crazy candle-lit dinner setting with ten thick candles which you would not be burning any time soon after they have caught their first flames, no supermarket-frenzy-food shopping followed by three hours in the kitchen slaving yourself to cook a two-course meal complete with dessert (random note here though: of course from time to time, it is amazing to have a nice cooked meal from darling and/or cooking for your heartthrob!). Reading dates can just be lying down on a blanket with a couple of candles lit in the room (from the previous first date romantic dinner), some tea or coffee, some cushions for support - and voilà! Can you feel the romance tonight?

Now IF you decide to pull out the big guns for your reading-date, I suggest going to the bookshop together to pick a couple of books. Now be honest with me, did I just draw the scenario of the picture-perfect date just there?

So yes, there are so many fun date alternatives to make things more interesting for the two of you lovebirds! As for me, I just wanted to share my kind of date out here!

Then again, reading dates alone could be boring at some point... (debatable indeed!) Another idea that comes to mind which could be tons of fun are YouTube-dates! All the giggles in prospect!

So after hearing me out, now there is only one last thing to do before 2015: GO ASK HER/HIM OUT ON A READING DATE!