Wrapping Up One Hundred Days in Europe

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My summer trip is finished. I'm flying home. And to wrap up my Hundred Days of Europe blog, I threw a bunch of final images against the wall, and these are the ones that stuck.

In Europe, brides are given wild "Hen Parties" before their wedding day. You see them throughout northern Europe. They provide a fun challenge for my "selfie" skills.

The thing I like least about filming our TV shows is wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts (that's my wardrobe) in the hot and mucky heat. For "continuity," I have to wear the same shirt for as long as I'm in a particular town. Some shirts wear amazingly well, but others get pretty frazzled. Producer Simon Griffith thinks this rag is ready for the bin.

These days, while exploring the more famous corners of Europe, you'll see more peace signs than ever.

A few weeks ago, I posted about the grooves that break up sidewalks all over Europe. There was a vigorous discussion among commenters about their actual purpose. It was my hunch that they're designed to help blind people with canes. This icon on the street in Hamburg seems to confirm that use. Groovy!