Wrapping Up What Matters

Stack of red patterned wrapped presents, by red patterned background
Stack of red patterned wrapped presents, by red patterned background

Discounts, cyber sales, one day specials, season's hottest gifts... all words that can draw us into a frenzied holiday season at the end of the year. And while offering someone a gift can be joyous and heart-warming, it can also be stressful and leave us feeling empty inside. So, what makes it feel one way rather than the other? It often depends on what you are wrapping up. Is it an expression of love and caring? Does it come from the heart? Or are you wrapping up something that was the product of virtually no thought, and simply something you could just check off your 'to do' list?

What would it look like if we each created a 'wrap up' of the year? And perhaps offered it to the people we love and care about as a gratitude practice? If we stop for a moment, don't we owe our gratitude to the people in our lives? What if we took the time to say or write a brief expression of that gratitude for each person? If we tuck it away in our gift, or better yet, say it to them when we are in their presence, what might we notice about that moment?

In the spirit of 'wrapping up the year', here is my message to all of you, our supporters, clients and friends of the Institute for Mindful Leadership:

"This has once again been an amazing year for my colleagues and I at the Institute. We have had the privilege of working with organizations around the world as we bring our curricula of mindful leadership to wonderful professionals at all levels of the organizations. And I am so very grateful for each of you. When you reach out to us to tell us about some need you have, in your own mindful leadership journey or in your desire to bring mindful leadership to your organization, you tell us how we can be of service. You have always been the rudder for the Institute as we take our unique curricula and use it to create the workshops, retreats and online courses to fit with your needs. We simply would not have the growth and presence that we have without you. My deepest heartfelt gratitude for your courage and strength to bring leadership excellence to your life-at work and at home. The ripple effect is palpable and we all benefit from your efforts. Thank you. Your life makes a difference!"

I wish everyone a joyous and peaceful holiday season and I look forward to staying connected to you in the coming year. Next year will mark the 5th anniversary of the Institute and we are looking forward to celebrating it together!

Be well,
Janice Marturano

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