Toddler Mistakes Sister's Wrestling Match For Real Fight, Runs In To Save Her

"It was so cute. The whole place was cracking up when it happened."

Family came first for this brave toddler.

The 2-year-old boy ran to his older sister Ruby’s rescue during her wrestling match at an elementary school meet in Columbia City, Indiana, on Sunday.

The youngster apparently thought Ruby was involved in a real fight with 5-year-old wrestling opponent Ryan, and charged over to save the day.

The kid grabbed his sister’s adversary and tried to drag him away, before the referee broke up the impromptu intrusion.

Ryan’s mother, Tori “Allen” Prendergast, shared footage taken by her husband to Facebook late Sunday. It’s now going viral.

“I was working and missed the match, but when I got home he showed me the video and I knew we had to share it,” Prendergast told HuffPost on Wednesday.

“It was so cute. The whole place was cracking up when it happened,” she added. “I only have boys, but if I had a daughter, I hope they would protect their sister like that.”

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