Wrigley To Launch Caffeinated 'Alert Energy' Gum

bubble surprise
bubble surprise

Here's something new to chew on. Wrigley will soon be launching a chewing gum chock-full of caffeine, for those who want to get their morning jolt from something other than a beverage.

Said to be aimed at adults, one piece of Wrigley's Alert Energy Caffeine Gum contains about 40 milligrams of caffeine, according to the product page on Wrigley's website. The site also says that one serving of the sugar-free chewable will pack about as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee.

"Alert is set to launch in some stores next month with a full roll-out aimed for summer," the Chicago Tribune wrote recently. "Alert will come in an eight-pack of fruit or mint flavors for a suggested price of $2.99."

Wrigley is not the first company to add a caffeine buzz to previously uncaffeinated products. Brands like Jolt have already started selling "energy" gum, and caffeinated versions of common foods like beef jerky, jelly beans, hot sauce and oatmeal can be found on store shelves, as well.

Caffeine is said to be the world's most popular psychoactive stimulant, and most of us consume at least some sort of caffeinated product every day. Despite its popularity, though, too much caffeine can take its toll on your health.

"Consuming too much caffeine in one day can exacerbate or induce psychiatric conditions such as panic attacks, psychosis and mania. And lay off the caffeine benders -- long bouts of caffeine-induced insomnia have even led to acute suicidal thoughts or death in some cases," wrote Zachary Sniderman for health news site Greatist last April. (Read more about the dangers of too much caffeine here.)

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