Wrigley Field Marriage Proposal Almost Fails: Woman Misses Jumbotron Message (VIDEO)

A Montana man almost struck out when his girlfriend missed his proposal at a Cubs game at Wrigley Field Monday.

Greg and Erica from Great Falls, Montana were at their first Chicago Cubs game, and Greg had planned to make the trip a special one: he arranged for the scoreboard at Wrigley to run a message during the fifth inning, ABC Chicago reports.

But when the scoreboard flashed ERICA, WILL YOU MARRY ME, the woman in question was nowhere to be found, CBS Chicago reports. According to ABC, she left her seat to get drinks.

Eventually, Erica returned, and the field's cameras caught Greg on one knee, slipping a ring on her finger, before the couple embraced.

Here's hoping the two have a happy marriage, unaffected by the goat curse.