Wrinkly Dogs Make For Adorable Pets, But More Skin Calls For More Love

Whether they're on small pups like the Pug or huge ones like the Mastiff, adorable wrinkles are the envy of many a dog lover — which is exactly why we set out in search of the canine world's most wrinkled breeds.

Sharing your home with one of these dogs isn't all fun and games, though. You'll need to wash their deep skin folds with a soft, damp cloth or a baby wipe, and then dry them thoroughly. Leaving behind moisture in dogs' wrinkles can cause bacterial growth and skin infections, so make sure you're prepared to discuss a skin-care regimen with your veterinarian.

Now that you know what it takes to care for one of these canines, enjoy the scrunched faces and furrowed brows of our favorite wrinkled breeds.

8 Wrinkliest Dog Breeds
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