Write My Essay: The New Business Model

The interesting thing about the world is, it keeps changing. New demands keep springing up, new technologies, and new solutions to new problems. It's amazing how the world somehow fills a vacuum it creates itself and still moves on. One such demand is the need to have essays written by a professional when the person in need can't meet up. Some years ago, it wouldn't have been heard off, but speaking with a professional writer at BoomEssays, it's clear that this industry is here to stay for a while longer.

When I heard about this venture, it was a hard pill to swallow. I thought the business won't thrive as not many students would want to indulge such service providers. How wrong I was. It was shocking to see that students from schools like Yale, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, University of Texas, Austin and University of Chicago were the ones making the most orders. No doubt these are incredibly hard working and brilliant students, however, academic work could be so overwhelming! It begs the service of a professional essay writer.

Research show that the most popular academic levels of students who make these orders are Masters Students, Undergraduates and PhD students. The papers range from essays, dissertation, to coursework, homework, and research papers. You would find the most orders from towns like California, Texas, New York and Florida. While there is an equal demand from both female and male students, the most orders come for subjects like English, Maths, Business Management, Sociology, Nursing and Psychology.

The struggles of ESL students are even more overwhelming. As long as they desire to graduate, they will look for ways to overcome challenges thrown at them. Since essay writing is becoming a prominent aspect of the educational system, the steady rise in the business of essay writing is clearly understandable. Some students go on to buy essays online while others request custom made essays to fit their demands. In most cases, all that is required from the students are the topics, deadline and fee. Fees can go as high up as $100 per page. There is generally no involvement from the students in the process of essay writing.

Students have varying reasons for seeking the service of essay writing professionals. Some have kids and work at the same time so can't afford the time to write their own essays. Some either can't speak English too well and need to have a perfect essay. Some can't edit to save their lives and enroll the services of writing professionals to fill that void. Whichever way, the industry is growing in leaps and cashing out on the demands of these students.

A lot of questions have been raised on the moral justification to this business and rightly so. The question on whether or not these services make a better student out of those who make these demands has various shades of answers. However, students can invest in themselves also by being a part of the writing process. They can choose to ask questions in the framework of these essays to better understand the concept and become better students as well. Essay writers could also ask students to write preliminary ideas or submit first drafts with which they can work. That way there is room for students to better understand the topics and horn their skills.