Write, Publish and Repeat

If you`re an author you should read the book and watch the online course - They are just great! Here are four ideas that are worth sharing from the online course "Write, Publish and Repeat" and also the book of Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt.

1. Outsorce your ebook cover.
You should not do your ebook cover yourself except you`re a designer or you have much experience with Photoshop. So your job as author is to write and deliver great content, don`t invest too much time into the ebook cover. Communicate your message to the designer so that he can create a great ebook cover. By the way, if you don`t know where you can find designer I would recommend you fiverr.com which can be very helpful. There you will find many designers and creative people. Give it a try.

2. Write, publish and repeat
That`s really the formula of the authors Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt who not only wrote a fiction story during a month but also documented the process in their non-fiction book "Write, publish and repeat". So, sit down and start you`re writing process. The biggest advantage for authors today is that we can publish much, much faster than on the traditional publishing way. We don`t need any more the publishing house for self-publishing. One of the biggest possibilities with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is that every author can publish his or her book during a day or less. Just create your account and you can already upload a publication; but don`t forget advice number: Outsource your ebook cover.

3. Give your book away for free
What? I know you think I`m crazy but I`m really not. At Amazon KDP there is the possibility of Free Book Campaigns where you can give your book away for five days. You should do this for two reasons: the first is, it`s get you word of mouth and people are more likely to download something for free from a beginner author. So, let them download your ebook for free in order to win a long-term customer for yourself. The second reason is that you boost your ebook on the Amazon page. Related to you topic your maybe on one of the last pages when you self-published at Amazon. In order to get to the first page Amazon KDP counts the free downloads and the sold ebooks from you. That means if you have more sold ebooks and free downloads you get to the first page of Amazon. So it is a good booster for your credibility and makes your ebook more visible.

4. Start with E-Mail Marketing - TODAY!
Why? The most well-known authors are all doing it because it helps you stay connected with your readers and you`re audience. Paulo Coelho f.e. is blogging on a weekly basis and you can subscribe also at his blog. This is very important because it makes you as author more independent from publishing houses if you have a huge list of readers. Guess what? Publishing houses or even Amazon don`t give you any information about the buyers of your book. So you should be more strategic about your career as author and start today with your E-Mail Marketing system. There are many programs out there which you can use, Mailchimp or Aweber (which I use since about two years); just type in E-Mail Marketing at google and you will get many options.

So, I hope this gives some ideas about what to do in the next step. If you didn`t read the book then I recommend you to buy it if you`re an author and beginning your journey. If you like video online courses I would also highly recommend the online course "Write, publish and repeat" from Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt and also their podcast about selfpublishing.