19 Undeniable Perks Of Dating A Musician

Midnight serenades? Yes, please.

Having a musical bae comes with serious perks. You get free tickets to their gigs, full access to a musical library that will rock your socks off, and their talent will never cease to amaze (and entertain) you. No matter his/her instrument of choice or musical genre, you know a relationship with a musician is like no other. And you wouldn't trade it for the world. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • 1 You're surrounded by an endless soundtrack of beautiful music.
  • 2 You get to experience the magic that is being personally serenaded.
  • 3 You have all kinds of fun concerts and gigs to look forward to attending.
  • 4 Musicians are often attuned to their emotions. How else do you think they write all those beautiful love songs?
  • 5 Also, not to get too ahead of yourself, but imagine how awesome your wedding band will be since you'll have a real musician's input. Heck, maybe your musical bae will even join in for a song or two!
  • 6 You can say “I’m with the band” and sound like a true VIP.
  • 7 You get to see your person in concert and fangirl hardcore.
  • 8 Album release parties are super fun and you’ll be guaranteed an invite.
  • 9 You have an automatic intro to other cool musical people in your person's orbit.
  • 10 You also totally have the ultimate karaoke partner.
  • 11 You're probably the inspiration behind some of their best work, which is pretty damn romantic if you think about it.
  • 12 And honestly what's sweeter than a beautiful ballad all about you? NOTHING. BECAUSE THAT'S FREAKING ADORABLE.
  • 13 Musicians can pull off edgy hair like Jared Leto's Jesus locks and who could possibly say no to that? NO ONE BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING.
  • 14 They’re known to be great with their hands… ;)
  • 15 They're hella passionate and have a contagious zest for life.
  • 16 Breaking into the music world takes determination. That devotion to following their dreams is damn inspiring.
  • 17 They can get away with experimenting with their personal style, both on and offstage. How badass is that?
  • 18 They are way more likely to be able to sing along to songs in the car IN THE PROPER KEY.
  • 19 Their talent will never cease to amaze you and it feels damn good to be with someone who has real skills.

So what are you waiting for?

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