Write Your Own Life Story!

Ready to Make A Change?

Want to write your life story or just let the pages unfold!

If your life is:

  • Stress and Worry Free
  • Peaceful
  • Satisfying
  • Content
  • Joyful
  • Filled with optimistic thoughts
  • Near perfect...

You wake up each morning eagerly anticipating what's coming your way... skip the rest of this article. Go out and seize the day!

Not sure? Read a bit more.

Do you sometimes wonder where your life's heading? Not clear and a bit apprehensive about what's going to happen in the next chapter.

Thinking it's about time to become more aggressive and create life on your terms? Longing to write an exciting new chapter filled with great stories?

Want to turn your life into a bestseller? Receive royalty checks made up of love, laughter, fulfillment and joie de vivre.

Have a whole host of ideas, goals and living you want to experience while also looking forward to unanticipated life enhancing events. Not sure where to turn?

Friends and others can be supportive sounding boards to whom you can talk, vent and ask for advice. They may give you temporary guidance or relief but ultimately their words are transitory and powerless.

Substantive lasting transformation comes from within. All the materials needed reside inside you. You've got a fully loaded tool chest just waiting to be unlocked and used.

Only you hold the ultimate power over what course your life will take.

This doesn't mean you physically control every event. Of course you don't.

Perhaps you're thinking:

  • My boss is impossible.
  • My teen doesn't spend five minutes a day talking to me.
  • My Dad is sick and requires a lot of my time.
  • My husband doesn't communicate.
  • I have to drive my daughter to hockey practice three times a week.
  • I haven't cooked dinner... or even know what it will be.
  • I haven't balanced the family checkbook in six months.
  • I deserve a raise at work but haven't received one in two years.
  • Next month I've got to visit four colleges.
  • I have no idea how I will pay the tuition.
  • Pet food is breaking my budget.
  • Something's bothering my son but I don't know what it is.
  • The boy my daughter's dating is much too old.
  • I don't have five minutes for myself just to unwind!
  • Add your own thoughts here!
Everyone has seemingly overwhelming challenges. Yet have you noticed that while some people seem continually stressed, worried and unhappy others appear to take everything in their stride.

To make you feel a bit better, those people who you think have it "all together" possess lots of challenges of which you are unaware.

However sometimes you can't help but wonder a bit. "How do they cope so well with everything? What's wrong with me?"

Indulging in being self-judgmental, continually comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down has no value. To the contrary it's self-destructive!

The power to change and transform your life it waiting to be tapped. Go for it!

Each of us finds our own path in life. Look around you. It's usually easy to detect the individual's most successful at following the yellow brick road.

Those who flourish often combine a variety of techniques that might include talk therapy, meditation, mindfulness, Mind Acrobatics, physical exercise, reading self-help books, joining various clubs, becoming as active as possible and turning to qualified others for assistance.

Enter the Life Coach:

First a quick mini-definition.

A coach is not a therapist. He or she doesn't give you advice. They are more like a personal trainer who provides guidance, support, a bit of cheerleading -- and something much more valuable!


  • You decide what needs changing.
  • You determine responses to stresses and challenges.
  • You deal with what can be changed on the outside.
  • You decide how you'll internally handle situations beyond your external control.

Now here's the "value added" in life coaching.

The most effective coaches are those with positive inquiry training, intuition, creativity and the ability to enable you to discover your personal truths.

Coaches help you reframe challenges into opportunities.

The best coaches will raise questions that make you think, stretch your imagination, discover your innate strengths and support your efforts to accomplish your goals and redefine your life.

The very best coaches will do one thing more. They'll pose questions that cause you to come up with ideas and concepts you never envisioned.

A new world of unlimited opportunities and challenges will be unleashed. The best part -- all your daily woes and worries will pale in comparison to your new found take charge inner-self.

Some coaches will provide you with entertaining exercises that will become the highlight of your week.

E-mail me and I'll send you an enjoyable Mind Acrobatics exercise. Put the word "FUN" in the subject line: hpbloggerdave@gmail.com

Now to the one fly in the ointment unless money is no object in your life. You pay for coaching and insurance doesn't usually reimburse you.

The ointment remover, most of us who coach are on a bit of a "spiritual mission."

Yes, we need to earn a living, no we're not looking to get rich.

We believe in the power of self-enlightenment to transform one's life and want to help facilitate and be a catalyst to make it happen.

What's that worth to you? Putting a price on greater fulfillment and happiness is difficult.

Experience dictates if you're sincerely looking for change and willing to work at it you and your coach will find a way to make it affordable.

Most life coaches work with you by phone, Skype and e-mail. This is great because it's cost effective and you're not limited by geographic location.

Finally, I believe within 3-6 months a talented coach will provide you with the tools needed to coach yourself as you move forward on your quest for greater happiness and self-actualization.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Please feel free to comment on this article or contact Dave at: hpbloggerdave@gmail.com

Dave Kanegis is a Certified Professional Coach with MA degrees in Education and Psychology. He founded Marketing Network Inc. and has over 20 years experience working with private and corporate clients.