Write Your Way to Success


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Writing is a secret success weapon that's often overlooked. Becoming a consistent writer, recording your thoughts in a journal, can bring many benefits. Regardless of your occupation or what kind of business you run, writing can help you succeed in many ways. When you think of some of the most popular books of our time, they are often written by successful business owners and visionaries who had a habit of writing.

Even if you aren't going to write the next New York Times best seller, you should develop the habit of writing. There's tremendous power in penning your thoughts, ideas and strategies. There are many different forms of writing, but all of them lead down the path to success. At the very least, you should be writing down what you really want. Why? Because what's written is real. When you keep your desires just floating around in your head, you can't go anywhere with them. When your vision is written down, you can then run with it and move yourself closer to goal achievement.

Writing about your business vision and goals will help you to clarify and expand on them. You have to see the future of your business clearly before you can attain it. The more you practice writing, the more it will become a habit and something that you begin to truly enjoy and carve out time for. Enjoy the writing process and the personal development that comes with it. Here are some ways that you can write your way to success.

Write out your morning meditations. Meditation is the practice of visualizing your best possible outcome and seeing it in your mind's eye. During this time each morning --even if it's just for a few minutes -- take out your journal and begin to write out what you are meditating on. Doing this will make the vision even more concrete and add more detail to your visualization -- which in turn can speed up manifestation!

Write and reflect on your progress. You must retreat in order to advance. Take time to retreat and reflect. Pen your insights and lessons learned. Evaluate your daily habits and actions, then write down what is working and what is not. If you spend time writing your progress often, you will have a wonderful record of where you've been and what you've done. This will help you determine your next move and bring clarity to your future.

Write gratitude lists. Practicing gratitude is vitally important to your contentment on your success journey. The best way to do this is by regularly writing down what you are thankful for. Each night, think back through your day and write everything you are grateful for; every victory, whether big or small. Doing this will heighten your awareness to all the good things that are happening in your life and business -- and when you are focused on the good, you will attract more of it.

Use writing to brainstorm and write solutions to problems. One of the best ways to problem-solve is by writing. When you are faced with a problem or a decision, writing can bring a quick resolution. When you are looking for answers, write down questions. For example, if you need to come up with $5,000 in two days, write, "Where is my five thousand dollars?" Phrasing the question in this way opens you up to possibility thinking. Write down all possible ideas and solutions for your situation. Include everything that comes to mind and don't omit anything. When you are done, meditate on what you've written and then walk away from it. You will find that the answers will come quickly.

Use Success Stickies to write encouraging notes and affirmations to yourself. Writing doesn't always have to mean several pages in a notebook or journal. You can write your way to success simply by jotting notes, too. Success Stickies are a great way to reinforce your top goals, see your affirmations and encourage yourself by posting them up in your work space. Even a simple note such as, "Yes! Five more clients!" or "I did it! I always win!" is a great thing to jot down and put before you so you are seeing it every day.

Write your goals. This should be on your must-write list. Because what's written is real, the more you write, the greater the likelihood of it coming to fruition. When done in the right way, goal-writing is powerful and gets real results. A Harvard Business School study showed that graduates who had clear, written goals earned 10 times more than their counterparts. Goal Cards are a great resource to guide you through writing clear, specific goals. It then becomes an affirmation that you can say daily.

Journalize. This is such a huge topic in itself, that I created an entire course for it. Many of the writing suggestions mentioned here can be kept and recorded in a journal. Journalizing is so much more than just keeping a diary in which you record your life events and feelings. If you know how to journalize effectively, it can bring you increase. This is a powerful success attraction tool that only the top echelon practice. However if you learn the many strategic ways to journalize, you can join them and grow your business exponentially.