Writer William K. Wolfrum Slams HuffPo For Becoming HuffPorn

Writer William K. Wolfrum Slams HuffPo For Becoming HuffPorn
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This morning I got a wake-up call from satirist William K. Wolfrum. "You write for a porn site," he said, referring to The Huffington Post.

"Do not!" I said.

"Do too!" he said.

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

Although you might not surmise it from our conversation, Wolfrum is a smart guy who regularly champions the rights of women. When he opined that "The Huffington Post is about eight minutes away from becoming a full-on masturbation magazine," it's worth noting that his next sentence wasn't, "Whoo-hoo!"

On his popular -- okay, leftist -- Web site, Wolfrum said:

As political Web sites go, The Huffington Post has been on top of the pile for some time, having long bypassed The Drudge Report. However, that is apparently not good enough for leader Arianna Huffington, who now seeks to take HuffPo to the top of the porn charts. A look at today's top stories tells you all you need to know:

The 7 Weirdest Things Women Do to Their Vaginas

Pink's Grammy Performance: Upside Down & Nearly Naked

Grammys Chest Dressed: Who Wore Low-Cut Best?

Macquarie Banker Caught With Naked Miranda Kerr (PHOTOS)

Pink performed at the Grammys? Really? The featured performer wasn't Lady GaGa? I'm confused, but no worries because I know where to find all the juicy details. Wolfrum guaranteed me HuffPo covers celebrities as if the nation were about to run out of them.

For the record, he isn't the first of my colleages to make this observation. I've been razzed by a producer at CNN and a senior writer at The Golf Channel. So, what sparked our discussion this morning? Wolfrum looked at HuffPo's lusty leaderboard today and concluded blogging is no longer our forte. Ouch!

More ouch:

The Huffington Post has learned that what the American public wants is porn and nonsense. And HuffPo is delivering both in grand portions.

Now here I must disagree. If it's porn you're looking for, there are much better sites than The Huffington Post. But Wolfrum is right to point out that there has been a slow shift in overall content on this Web site.

Is it change you can believe in? Tell us what you think in the Comments thread below.

You can read Wolfrum's complete post here.

UPDATE 2.5.10: According to The Huffington Post, Amanda Seyfriend's breasts can predict the snow. More nonsense? Or a public service? You be the judge: today the Washington D.C. area was hit by a major storm bringing up to 24 inches of snow and thanks to HuffPo, I was prepared with a new shovel.

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