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There is no secret to success except hard work and getting something indefinable which we call 'the breaks.' In order for a writer to succeed, I suggest three things - read and write - and wait.
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There is no secret to success except hard work and getting something indefinable which we call 'the breaks.' In order for a writer to succeed, I suggest three things - read and write - and wait. - Countee Cullen

Knowledge is one of the most excellent purifiers of our mind and intellect. Books are one among many sources of knowledge. By means of the book, we can dwell and live through the mind of another person. It is one of the process of advancing ourselves to the full potential. There is nothing more valuable in life than learning. Learning awakens us, it guides and inspires us. Slowly and steadily, books have led little man to become giant men and redeemers of the society.

True wisdom is beyond books, mind and intellect but books can definitely be the first steps towards attainment of wisdom. Since time immemorial, important facts, knowledge, events and wisdom have been recorded in the book-form. Writing was invented long time before the invention of radio, tv and video recordings. So, the recording information in the form of writing has a long history.

On the other hand, for those who love wisdom, for those that are passionate about truth will naturally incline to the books. There is a foundation of knowledge available in books. This is not to say that books are ready-made formula to our desires and aspirations but there are books available that present methods to lead us to whatever we want. Books like Bhagavad Gita present truth that if practiced can lead us to the absolute truth and enlightenment.

A mortal can become immortal by reading a book. If one is sincere about life and living, there are thousands of books written by men of wisdom for thousands of years available anywhere. In today's age of internet, millions of books are available to read online. Mostly, our life is determined by what is in our mind. Mind contributes in the formation of our body and being. Person with purified mind and intellect sees a completely different world than a person with impure and lazy mind.

Oldest form of books have been traced to The Ancient Vedas. Vedas are the guides to seekers of spritiual knowledge and enlightenment. With the advancement of civilization, the truth teachers have recorded their knowledge in their books for the benefit of their disciples. Book writings have had a revolutionary impact for thousands of years now. Books like Bible and Bhagavad Gita have continued to guide men. They have created giants like Lincoln and Gandhi. Single Lincoln and Gandhi thus created through the influence of these books have led masses and caused great social and political changes the impact of which we are feeling even to this day.

Of course there is no such source of knowledge and wisdom like tuning to cosmic or universal mind but most of us are unaware of the methods to do so. Until we reach that point books can be of great advantage. Most of the insights that we never had appear upon reading few pages of a book. There is always some truth that we can receive from every book. Our job is to experiment with that truth and find out for ourselves. The truth is always there but once we experiment with it, it becomes a part of our being, our consciousness is advanced.

We are not recommending people to be obsessed about book writing or become a bookworm but we are trying to convey the fact that books are vehicles to the truth, at least few good ones are. We are far better off in picking up a book and reading than indulging ourselves in other useless endeavors.

Every man or woman should attempt to collect their experiences and things they have learnt in the form of a book. They should let their imaginations wander and express in their writings. One never knows the kind of new ideas that will hit us during these endeavors that can possibly change our lives.

After we write something, we tend to reflect on it with different eyes. We never know that our thoughts might have great value for future generations. These days many companies in America and other countries allow writers to publish and market their books for free. This has opened up a new world for aspiring authors.

Society is molded by thoughts. One good book can change the society forever and influence generations to follow. Most of the time it is not what is written in the books but the thought that it provokes in the reader.

Different people are at a varying degree of truth and in their advancement, they relate with different teachers and different books. In their journey, your experiences and knowledge might work as a ladder for some people to the greater truth. On the other hand, if you are living a worthwhile life, you should record your thoughts and understanding for people to enjoy or learn.

Knowledge doesn't complete us but sharing our knowledge enriches ourselves and others at the same time. It is a duty of every learned person to bless others and what better way can there be in the present time than book writing? Seekers of truths depending upon their understanding will always find the appropriate teacher if they are sincere.

To most of us, we come across the kind of book we need whenever we are looking for that information. Like Emerson said, "The whole course of things goes on to teach us faith. We just have to obey. There is a guidance for each of us." The cosmos always brings us into situations that are most likely to help us advance and progress in our journey. For such people, books can be friend, father, mother, brother or sister. Books can be a guide and a redeemer.

There is so much to be grateful because illumined seers and enlightened masters have left us so much knowledge in the form of books. Even today we can read what was in their mind and heart. These seers though they have left the body are voluntarily willing to instruct us through their writings and teachings. All we need is an open mind and desire to communicate. Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali and Shiva are equally available to us if we are only sincere.

I don't know how we would have known about all these personalities if books were not written about them. Books about a person of the past open a completely different world for you and helps us see the world through their eyes. Person like Krishna's life are of utmost importance if read and understood. Buddha's teachings if read and applied can lead us to peace of mind and bliss. What other thing can be so valuable?

Even an ordinary person if engages in writing will find this thoughts coming out clearly. He will be able to recollect things he never thought were in his mind. A person is able to understand himself and others better in this way. It is hard to say why some people find joy in writing and reading a book. Some people are just drawn to particular books while some others read only if they happen to come across something they find interesting.

Our own consciousness is the storehouse of unlimited knowledge but until we get in touch with it, we are in need of external sources like books for the attainment of greater wisdom. Books are thus not to be the end but the means to the expansion of our horizons. The ultimate goal is always to come in touch with our own consciousness.

It must be remembered that to guide the less intelligent men in the society, truths can be written in a way that is relatable to them. Men of lower intellect need to be taught in different way than advanced monks and yogis. Truth can not be told but only experienced but even Krishna and Jesus have tried to explain the unexplainable so that we would go deeper to find the truth.

Good books can thus be instrumental in helping men find the absolute truth in themselves that guides and sustains everything. The best book is not the one that has all the greatest philosophies of the world in it but one that can explain us what we have within ourselves and help us find that.

Book that are full of positive ideas and thoughts can largely contribute to the progress of the community in many ways. They can create positive mind among people which automatically leads to people in mode of goodness. People in mode of goodness will always create better families, better society and better world. This kind of ripple effect can continue for hundreds of years.

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