Writing Wednesdays: Last Breath

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That’s when it’s over, that’s when it ends, that’s when you reach your destination. Your last breath.

So then the question becomes what are you doing with each breath while you are here? What did you do with the last breath you took? It was as important as the one you are taking right now. If every second, every minute, every hour matters on this journey of life, then no breath should be wasted. No breath left behind.

You are amazing. You are incredible. The fact you even exist is a undisputed miracle in this universe. So with all that in mind… breathe. Feel the air in-and-out and realize no thing is as bad, or as good as it seems. We all, every single one of us, harnesses the power to take our minds to different places. The way you think about some thing makes that thing seem worse or better than it is. It’s not the thing that has control over you, it’s the way you think about that thing.

In every situation, in every instance the breaths you take as you think matter. I just started taking yoga religiously and the more I focus on my breathing the clearer my mind becomes. Oxygen and clarity. Who knew a bit of air could lift me up to places I wasn’t sure I could go? Actually I take that back… who knew some oxygen could help me to battle the fear I might otherwise have allowed to suffocate me from maintaining the daily grind to reach my potential and in turn become more… with the ultimate goal to give more.

I never forget these words: The goal and purpose of this human adventure is productivity, pursuing the full development of all your potential. To see what all you can do with all you have been given. (Jim Rohn)

If you become more, you can give more. You can’t give what you don’t have. I and you have so much inside, from our mind, to our heart, to our very soul, it is impossible to fathom the potential if we just reach inside, focus and breathe. Build on one thing, or even all of what you’ve got and everyone else gets more. Every one each and every day is battling something. Every person you meet. Never forget that… though it is easy to do, as we fight in our own minds the trials and tribulations of life, as we strive to give it all we’ve got, against the hits life will throw your way.

When life is going down and the oxygen mask drops, it’s up to you to take a breath first, so then you can help others to breathe. There’s no higher calling than to breathe life into someone else.

Make every breath matter so you can encourage and lift others to do the same. A journey of hope and encouragement which never ends, until your last breath.

Until next time thanks for taking the time,

Mark Brodinsky

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