The One Thing About Our Bras We're All Still Getting Wrong: The Sizes

The One Thing About Bras Women STILL Aren't Getting Right

We've been told many times that what what you wear underneath your clothes is just as (if not more) important than the clothes themselves. Wearing the wrong undergarments can ruin your outfit and make you extremely uncomfortable. Still, many women continue to make bra mistakes every day.

According to a recent study done by Swiss lingerie company Triumph, a startling number of women are choosing their bras incorrectly. The international survey of 10,000 women found that 64 percent are wearing the wrong size bra, reports Women's Wear Daily. Out of that 64 percent, "29 percent know they are wearing the wrong size."

What's worse is that those women are admittedly unhappy about it. 73 percent of women agreed that badly-fitting undergarments can make or break their day, writes WWD.

Presumably realizing this, it seems like bra companies are always thinking up new ideas to help our upper bodies look and feel their best. So why do some many women still get dressed every morning with the knowledge they are wearing an ill-fitting bra?

Cost, for one. A good bra can leave a serious dent in your wallet, and since you're not supposed to wear the same one every day, they can become a large expense. But visiting your local retailer for a fitting is typically free and can equip you with your proper measurements.

Triumph is going one step further with their new campaign, Stand Up To Fit. The cost-free initiative will educate women about proper fit and produce a series of stand-up comedy skits about our love/hate relationship with bras, which will appear on its website.

Triumph's videos just add to the plentiful resources out there, from True & Co.'s online fitting algorithm to Jockey's plastic "Volumetric Fit System" measuring cups. With all the tools available to us, maybe it's time for us to throw away that bra we've been wearing for three years and slip into something a bit more... comfortable.

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