Wrong Decision of Nepalese Society

Great leadership does not mean running away from reality. Sometimes the hard truths might just demoralize the company, but at other times sharing difficulties can inspire people to take action that will make the situation better. - John Kotter

It's a sad story for Nepal that its citizens are more interested in hollow-name and fame than anything else in their life. Their jobs, family, business, dreams and goals come secondary when it comes to their fame in the society. It's amazing how this system continues to exist in Nepalese community even in America. There's people who have been to America but have not achieved anything worthwhile for over a decade. Neither do they have a decent house, a car nor a bank balance but they do have one thing-their name on this cheap Sunday paper which nobody would buy.

I think sometimes, if all these people who wear nice suits and shoes were people of character and integrity, why would Nepal be in the situation it is? If these people were really social workers and virtuous politicians like these cheap papers present them to be, why is the small Nepali community in America so divided? Where are the ethics in Nepali society if these well-respected people were men and women of moral character? These are few questions an average men and women knows within himself and smiles at the ridiculous nature of Nepali politics, social workers and so-called journalists who are funded by certain political party or group to promote their selfish agenda in the name of people.

It's very surprising in finding out that these people will do anything even in their most productive hours if they can get their name and photo on these cheap papers and television. What a damned culture! On the other hand, these so called media houses funded by certain political groups in Nepal and America do not care to promote anybody that will assist to spread their propaganda using men or women making $6 bucks per hour doing odd jobs and have no life, culture or education to be considered a leader. How can we expect such media to create a positive influence in our society? Where do you think readers of such papers and viewers of such television programs will end up in next 2-5 years?

The fact is that we are making hero out of people with no morals, ethics and achievements to show for. We are encouraging the general public to imitate people who have no values or standards thus corrupting the society from its roots. The value driven societies like America advance when people edify exemplary leaders like George Washington, business leaders like Andrew Carnegie and man of character like Norman Vincent Peale. As Warren Buffet always says, tell me who your heroes are and I will tell you what you will become. Every time we encourage people to follow or imitate certain person, we are changing the society for better or worse. By following a wrong leader, Nepal has today reached the brink of total destruction and is being sandwiched from all sides by Indian Empire. The divided Nepal has actually welcomed the foreign powers to interfere and thus enslave Nepalese people for centuries to come. In my opinion, it is better to be conquered than be enslaved. I would welcome any powerful nation to conquer Nepal at this moment and make it part of their own state than enslave Nepalese people. Otherwise, Indian diplomats and army chiefs would not be in Kathmandu every week doing press meets.

It's one thing to have an intention to help the community while it's another thing to try give yourself a name, fame and opportunity for a position of a political party in the name of social work. How can a poor man help another poor man? How can a man who has not accomplished anything worthwhile in his life offer a valuable service or leadership to a community? We can only give what we have got. It's more important for a man to take the best care of his own family, develop greater knowledge, gain more wisdom, make him all he is capable of becoming and most importantly mind his own business. If only few of these tips were part of Nepalese society, we could have been a model society in America and consequently set an example for Nepalese all across the globe.