We Have Absolutely No Idea What's Happening In These GIFs, But We Can't Look Away

No words.

No words ... OK, except for these words, and the following words.

Because there's no sound with GIFs, they are one of those forms that often need an introduction. With no explanation, they're sometimes completely bewildering. And that leads us to the following GIFs.

So without further ado, here are some GIFs that are ... well, we have no idea what the eff is going on. But we can't look away.

What up, brole??
A dramatic reenactment of Goose's death scene in "Top Gun."
Not sure what this game is, but I want in.
Helmets seem like a good idea.
Science, explain yourself!
Aww yeah, hip hop chameleon makin' it bubble!
Not unlike the sh*tty frozen pizza you make on a drunk Saturday night.
This thing looks high. Or, wait, am I high? ...
He was going to the market before it was cool, so this little piggy's going all the way home.
More and more, video games are capturing the real aspects of everyday life.
Either a strong gust of wind got him, or his planet needed him.
Everyone, this is nightmares! Nightmares, everyone!
Sponge Bob has filled us with the spirit!
Ah, a bear's natural nemesis: the small woman filming from within a large clear cube.
It's like someone just threw up the '80s.
"Yeah, hi, I'm here for the mailroom acrobat position."
So we hired Jesus to work the front desk, and I think it's really going to work out.

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