How 'Banana Powder' Can Make You Look Like A Kardashian

Keeping up with the kontouring.

If you've ever dreamed of getting a Kardashian-worthy face (and let's be honest, who hasn't?), then you need to know about banana powder. There's been some controversy over whether or not key members of the family (read: Kim) use the super-fine powder, which help to highlight and contour the face to perfection (and we all know how much the the Kardashian clan loves contouring).

So, what exactly is banana powder?

The mattifying powder can both set your makeup and contour your face, but for some reason few people have heard of it -- it's basically like the dark horse of makeup. It can be applied after slathering on a creamy concealer to help ward off creasing and prevent the concealer from setting into fine lines. It also helps to reduce the appearance of an oily complexion and color-corrects visible redness on the skin. But the main function of banana powder is to act like a highlighter and make skin glowy all over (see Kim Kardashian).

The powder got its name because it has a slight yellow tinge, which helps to illuminate the skin and offset redness, however it works on many different skin tones because it is fairly translucent when applied.

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How do I apply it?

You can apply the powder either with a sponge, a brush or a powder puff. Where you apply the powder will depend on your desired result, but the best bet is to put it anywhere you've applied concealer -- so under your eyes, around your T-zone, on the bridge of your nose and on your chin. If you want to maximize the highlighting effect, leave the powder on your skin for about 10 minutes to allow it to set and then brush away the excess powder.

Where can I buy it?

Arguably the most popular kind of banana powder is made by Ben Nye, which is a brand that specializes in theatrical makeup. It can be fairly hard to track down, so Amazon and eBay are generally your best bet. Other banana powder options include Ruby Kisses HD Set N Forget Setting Powder Banana, Graftobian HD LuxeCashmere Setting Powder in Banana Cream Pie and Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow.

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