WTFJ Coulter?

WTFJ is an acronym that stands for "Where's The Fucking Joke".
It is a question comics ask each other when watching someone who purports to be funny blather about on stage with swagger and attitude but no jokes.

So now I ask, "Hey Coulter, WTFJ"?
When exactly did you become a "Satirist"?
I know it's a natural progression to go from "Constitutional Lawyer" to Paula Jones BFF to satirist.
I myself was advising The Catholic Bishops on how to spin the sex abuse scandals and blame the victims before I got into the comedy biz.

Now that we have cleared that up, here is where I get confused.
How long do you get to call yourself a "Satirist" if every time you are "satirizing" something, you have to explain it's a joke?
And is it even satire if those who do laugh at your Crapatcularly outrageous comments, are laughing, not because you are upping the ante or emphasizing a stereotype for the sake of exposing its hypocrisy, but because they think your supposed "satirical" comments are reality?
Now in the name of disclosure, I also call myself a "satirist."
The difference between Ann and me is that I have never had to explain my jokes.
People either think my jokes are good, or they think my jokes suck, but they recognize they are jokes.
I don't make a scathing joke about the right and then when I get raked over the coals by the right for making it, come up with some lame excuse about how the right can't take a joke.
They got the joke and they hate me for it.
Fair enough.
But when Coulter makes a "Joke" about 9/11 widows or Muslims or Fags, and gets shit for it, she cloaks herself in this satire thing.

Ask any "Satirist", or stand-up or comedy writer to finish this sentence for you;
If you have to explain the Joke....