Wubbing: The Future Of Dance Has Arrived (NSFW)

The Future Of Dance Has Arrived In This NSFW Video

Friends, at certain points in history, a person or a group of people steps forth with an idea so bold, so radical, that life we as we know it can never be the same again. They are the harbingers of a brighter destiny, sitting upon the precipice of eternity, unafraid to make the leap into the unknown. And just as many a stone was cast at Nicolaus Copernicus when he revolutionized the universe with his heliocentric theory, so too will the men responsible for wubbing face the trials of nonbelievers:

If you look up wubbing in the dictionary, you won't find it there (check Urban Dictionary instead). Basically, in this case, wubbing comes out to "really awesome dance from the future." Wubbing requires specific shorts with a "wub" attached, as shown in the video, and then whatever one does with the "wub" is "wubbing." The group of young innovators introduce some of their own "wub" moves, like the Teacher's Pet, Stirring the Mayonnaise and The Whistle.

The video has received mixed reactions from viewers. One YouTube user wrote, "I don't want to be part of this generation anymore." Conversely, a YouTube user in support wrote, "Real talk: This is the future of dance, and human culture," another excitedly stating, "The real innovators of the free world movement!!!"

When you head to the wubbing website, there is a selection of wub-shorts in a variety of fun colors for purchase, but no matter what link you click on, you are redirected to the McDonald's website. We contacted McDonald's USA to see if they were in any way associated with the wubbing movement, or if we could put in an order of wub-shorts for our whole office, and received the following response:

"This site is in no way affiliated with our brand and we are evaluating our options concerning the misdirected links."

Misdirected links or not, they have to be getting some sweet page views, and they've got to be wubbing it.

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