WUPHF: 'The Office' Invests In Social Network Start-Up (VIDEO)

Ryan Howard has been one of the most varied characters on "The Office" -- starting as a temp, rising to a corporate position, and after being ousted for various white-collar crimes, he's back at the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin. The last couple seasons have seen Ryan, played by BJ Novak, reinventing himself as a 21st century hipster/yuppie stereotype, and that stereotype would be incomplete without developing a poorly-planned social media start-up.

His start-up,, was the centerpiece of last night's episode. Ryan convinces his coworkers to invest in the vaguely defined website, which has something to do with interactivity and connection and innovation, or whatever. But when they discover that perhaps Ryan is less than competent at building up the company, they have second thoughts. (You can also visit a real-life version of on the NBC website.)

Learn all about the start-up in a clip from last night's "Office" below.


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