WVU Fans Go Crazy, Light Fires And Flip A Car After Winning Football Game (VIDEO)

Students and fans at one of the top party schools in the country won a big football game Saturday. So they lit some fires and flipped a car.

West Virginia University beat Oklahoma State University in a home game Saturday, 30-21. After the game, at least 10 fires were lit in Morgantown, W.Va., according to the Associated Press. A group of young men also flipped a car in a restricted parking area, the Charleston Daily Mail reports.

University spokesman John Bolt told the Daily Mail those hooligans may not have been WVU students, but if they were, they will be punished.

WVU was named the No. 1 top party school by Playboy last week, and has previously ranked at the top of similar rankings by the Princeton Review and Newsweek.

Students and fans at WVU apparently love setting fires in the street. The Charleston Daily Mail notes in the past 10 years, as many as 50 fires have been set in a night after games. But Morgantown residents also set 29 fires for no particular reason one weekend in 2011. The WVU student government created a PSA last year urging people to stop burning couches.

Morgantown Mayor Jim Manilla suggested in October 2012 that the town request a $20 student impact fee on all WVU pupils because students keep setting so many fires.

No one was injured, but the police are reviewing social media posts trying to identify who was involved in vandalism. Some of the posts they may be interested in can be seen below.

WARNING: Some of these videos contain profanity.

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