WWDC 2010 LIVE: Streaming Updates From Apple Event

Apple's WWDC keynote is over--but our iPhone 4 coverage is only just beginning. Check out photos, video, and reviews of the iPhone 4, as well as 15 things you need to know about the new iPhone. ---

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off June 7.

This page has the latest news, tweets, photos, and happenings from the WWDC. Apple unveiled its new iPhone, dubbed 'iPhone 4,' at the Monday keynote.

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2:53 PM ET: Time for the nitty-gritty: Price and availability.

Available in either black or white, the iPhone 4 will come in two versions: a 16GB model for $199, and a 32GB model for $299. The iPhone 3GS will be reduced in price to $99. AT&T subscribers whose contract expires any time in 2010 will be able to upgrade to iPhone 4. Pre-oders for iPhone 4 begin June 15th. The phone will go on sale June 24th. iPhone 4 will initially be available in 5 countries (US, France, Germany, UK, Japan) and 18 more in July.

2:50PM ET: Jobs demos FaceTime: video calling iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 via WiFi. He connects to Jonathan Ive, an Apple designer, and demos video chat with the iPhone 4. He says of iPhone 4, "We think it's the biggest leap we've taken since the original."

2:44PM ET: Jobs switches gears from iPhone 4 to iPhone OS 4, renamed iOS4 given that it now runs on the iPhone, as well as the iPod touch and iPad. He demos multitasking, folders, enterprise integration, iBooks (which Apple is bringing to the iPhone) and showcases the addition of Bing for search. More stats: apparently Apple will sell its 100 millionth iOS device this month. [Note the new term: iOS device!]

2:30 PM ET: Jobs asks WWDC audience to stop liveblogging. He says there are "570 WiFi base stations in the room," which is why his demo crashed before.

2:15PM ET: See pictures of the iPhone 4 here.

1:59PM ET: More details on the iPhone 4: it will run on the A4 chip used in the iPad, offer longer battery life, as well as HD video recording, and include a new piece of hardware--a gyroscope. The iPhone will have a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 5X zoom, and a 'tap-to-focus' feature.

1:45PM ET: Oops! Jobs is struggling with connectivity problems during his iPhone 4 demo. He tries to load a New York Times website--without success. He gets the error message "cannot activate cellular networks." What happened, via CNET:

[Jobs:] "I'm sorry guys, I don't know what's going on." "Got any suggestions?" he asks. Someone shouts "Verizon." Jobs says "We're actually on Wi-Fi here."

1:43 PM ET: More iPhone 4 features, via the New York Times' live blog: "Mr. Jobs says the phone has a new type of display called the Retina display, with 326 pixels per inch. "There has never been a display like this on a phone," he says. He compares an image of on the new and old display side by side, and the new display appears much sharper." 1:32 PM ET: Here it is: "We're introducing iPhone 4." Via gdgt, Jobs says: "Now, this is really hot. There are well over 100 new features, but I'm going to cover 8 new features of the iPhone 4. The first: an all new design." Jobs calls it the "thinnest smartphone on the planet." Features: Front facing camera, LED flash, MicroSIM tray, speaker, and more.

CNET writes: "The iPhone 4 is a 9.3mm thick (a quarter thinner than the iPhone 3GS) with two built-in cameras (one on the front and one on the back with an LED flash), two mics and a noise cancellation button. Display is 4x resolution of previous models."

1:29PM ET: Steve Jobs announces his "favorite stat of the whole show:" Apple has paid app developers a total of $1 billion.

1:21 PM ET: Apple demos some apps: Netflix and Farmville (aka "Farming") are coming to the iPhone. The Farmville app will be available by the end of June.

1:14 PM ET: Jobs has turned to the App Store and HTML5. Apple has received considerable criticism for its App Store policies--not allowing Flash, its sometimes draconian and unpredictable app approval process, etc. Jobs goes on the defensive a bit: "95% of all apps submitted are approved within 7 days," Jobs says. He goes on to explain why the other 5% are rejected: 1) App doesn't do what developed claims it does. 2) It uses private APIs. 3) It crashes. (via Engadget) [We have to wonder: where do political satire apps, which are frequently rejected, fit in to those stats?]

1:09 PM ET: Jobs announces that Apple is updating its iBooks app, adding that some 5 million eBooks have been downloaded thus far (or around 2 1/2 books per iPad). New iBooks features: viewing PDFs, highlighting text, and making notes on the text. (see a picture of the updated iBooks app on gdgt.)

1:05 PM ET: Jobs shows off iPad stats. Proof it's magical? Jobs says he received an email from an iPad user who says it "got a girl interested in me." Jobs says 2 million iPads sold--or 3 every seconds. [HuffPost Readers: Help us do the math: Is that possible?]

1:03 PM ET: Steve Jobs takes the stage! Someone screams, "We love you, Steve!" Jobs: “Thanks. I think.” Great pictures at gdgt.

12:55 PM ET: What features will the new iPhone have? Here's a look at the specs "iPhone HD" is likely to have.

12:50 PM ET: You may be able to find live video from WWDC on UStream here.

12:47 PM ET: Just about ten minutes until the WWDC keynote begins. Bloggers, broadcast media, and other techies have been filing in to the Moscone West convention center--with the notable exception of Gizmodo, which purchased a lost (stolen?) iPhone prototype and leaked it on its blog. Gizmodo wrote, "It's no surprise: Apple has not responded to our requests to attend the WWDC keynote on Monday at 10am PST." MacRumors, The Apple Blog, CNET, Engadget, MacWorld, and gdgt will be among the sites hosting WWDC 2010 live blogs.

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