WWDC 2013: Apple Rumors Abound For The Future Of iOS, 'iRadio' And More

What Apple May Reveal At WWDC

Hungry for some new developments in the world of Apple? You won't be waiting much longer.

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference will be taking place from June 10 to 14 in San Francisco. The annual event is meant to showcase any new software or hardware, offer feedback to developers and encourage them to keep the App Store buzzing with new third-party programs.

That's all fun and good but: What does Apple have up its sleeve? As Business Insider has pointed out, 230 days will separate the iPad Mini's introduction in October 2012 and iOS 7's potential launch in June -- the longest such gap for big Apple news in three years. The fanboys are very, very hungry.

We've compiled some of what Apple may reveal below:

A Refresh To iOS?

Apple WWDC 2013

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