The Bathroom Line That Sums Up Silicon Valley's Women Problem

The Bathroom Line That Sums Up Silicon Valley's Women Problem

A San Francisco technology conference is perhaps one of the few places on Earth where women don't have to wait in longer lines than men to pee.

If you don't believe us, take a look at how much longer the men's bathroom lines were than the women's at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. The photo below was tweeted by Fox Business reporter Jo Ling Kent and taken one hour before the start of the conference's keynote speech.

The purpose of the conference is to round up programmers and guide them through the ins and outs on how to code for Apple products. Accidentally, it also highlighted the computer industry's "brogramming" problem.

What may seem comical actually highlights a serious issue: the nearly comical lack of women at tech companies. There's tons of anecdotal evidence of misogyny, too. The "Hackers and Hookers" party. The joke "tit-sharing" app. The unnecessarily underdressed women onstage during Samsung events.

Critics argue male-dominated startups not only create uncomfortable workplaces for female coders, but also lead to apps and hardware geared more toward men.

The saddest part of this photo? The same thing happened last year, too.

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