WWE Stars Leave Company! Paige Sends Cryptic Tweet While Suspended... | WrestleTalk News

After a short period of appearing as though the issue was fixed, Twitter's strange technical fault of deleting social media posts made by professional wrestlers is back.

The latest victim of the bug is currently suspended WWE superstar Paige. Although she won't be suspended for much longer. Her 60 days are up tomorrow on Friday 9th December, following her second Wellness Policy Violation. But that didn't stop her tweeting:

When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in ass for no reason. Always fun haha.

You had one day left, Paige. ONE DAY.

Of course, that tweet could be nothing about WWE. But because of the time it was posted, and how it was quickly deleted, she's not helping the speculation.

When Paige's second violation was announced by WWE - not even a month after her first Wellness Policy Violation suspension had finished - her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, a few members of her family and Paige herself all vented on Twitter that the violation was because she was now seeing a non-WWE doctor about her neck issues, who had prescribed her painkillers. WWE denied this with the statement:

"Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury."

So WWE claim the violation was from illegal drugs, not anything over-the-counter like painkillers.

Even though her suspension is up tomorrow, don't expect to see Paige on WWE TV anytime soon. She's still recovering from her reported neck surgery, so she can't be used in a physical role. It's a shame, as a returning Paige would really freshen up the women's division on Raw. By which I mean, Sasha Banks and Charlotte's feud on Raw.

Despite everything that's happened in the ongoing saga of Paige, and it's been a lot over the last several months - with her boyfriend leaving the company, reports she hired legal representation to get out of her contract, two Wellness Policy violations - she's somehow still with WWE. Some speculate that the only reason she hasn't been released is because WWE don't want the PR hassle of firing someone after they've had neck surgery.

But two people who are finished with the company are WWE Hall of Famers Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Amy 'Lita' Dumas.

Shortly after F4WOnline reported that the two had been removed from their pre-show panel duties - being replaced by Booker T and Charly Caruso in a new, much shorter 10 minute format - it was said that Lawler and Lita had gone from full-time deals to Legends Contracts, where they'd just be brought in for special appearances.

That still seems to be the case with Lawler, but according to Jim Ross, who has spoken to Lita: "she's no longer with the company."

But don't worry Lita, there is life after WWE...as Shinsuke Nakamura impersonators!

Finn Balor recently bumped into Stu Bennett, the wrestler formerly known as Wade Barrett, and shared this photo on his Instagram.

I'm afraid I've got some baaaaad neeeeeews, Barrett. WWE are probably going to be in contact about gimmick infringement.

What do you think will happen to Paige now her suspension is nearly up? Tell me how she'll probably get suspended again hours into returning in the comments below.