WWE TLC 2015 - Match Card, Rumors, Predictions & Possible Results!

WWE TLC 2015 - Match Card, Rumors, Predictions & Possible Results!
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This Sunday at 8pm EST is the WWE TLC 2015 PPV on the WWE Network! The WWE TLC PPV is usually one of the best shows of the year and this show could have a lot of potential. Here is the WWE TLC 2015 Match Card, Rumors, and my predictions!

If you're unaware, TLC stands for Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. In previous years they also included "and Stairs!" on the WWE TLC Poster but not this year. Hopefully there will be a lot of chair usage. Let's get on with the card.

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns -
WWE World Heavyweight Championship TLC Match

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose -
WWE Intercontinental Championship

Lucha Dragons vs The New Day vs The Usos -
WWE Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger -
WWE United States Championship Chairs Match

The Dudleys, Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer vs The Wyatt Family -
Tables Match

Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Paige -
WWE Divas Championship

Possible Addition:
Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze

What do you think about this 2015 WWE TLC PPV? Do you like the card? What are your predictions? What are rumors that you have heard? Let us know in the comments!

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