WWII-Era Grenade Found In Sausalito: Man Discovers Explosive Surprise While Digging (PHOTOS)

One Sausalito resident was in for a big surprise last week: While digging in his front yard, he discovered a WWII-era pineapple grenade.

The Sausalito Police Department responded to his call, and the UC Berkeley bomb squad was called in to determine whether the grenade was still active.


"Despite its age, someone could have added more explosives to the bomb and a smaller trigger to make it active and harder to detect," Sergeant William Frost of the Sausalito Police Department told the Huffington Post.

The bomb squad determined that the weapon was real but not active and later destroyed it.

According to the Sausalito Police Department, the grenade was buried more than thirty years ago. Speculation over how it arrived in Sausalito is still open.

But Frost has his own ideas about the relic. "A lot of WWII vets brought back souvenirs from combat," he told HuffPost. "There was not as tight of control of keeping weapons from battle."

Frost went on to explain that "as more WWII vets die, there will be more stories of people finding weapons they weren't expecting to find among their belongings."

Scroll through the slideshow below to learn about more WWII-era weapons:

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