Shocking X-Ray Reveals How Puppy Chowed Down 10 Batteries

Boogie was previously treated for eating too much candied popcorn.

This adorable puppy is lucky to be alive after chowing down on 10 hearing aid batteries.

Cathy and Jim Bernard caught their 1-year old pup, Boogie, eating right through the packaging of the coin cells at their Houston-area home Nov. 19, according to a hospital press release.

The 7-pound pooch is no stranger to chewing on the wrong things -- and was previously treated for eating too much popcorn, the release said.

But this time the Yorkiepoo was at risk of life-threatening internal burns, so he was rushed to North Houston Veterinary Specialists in Willowbrook.

X-rays clearly showed the batteries inside his stomach, per KTLA5.

Dr. Carissa Blair didn't make Boogie throw them up over fears that their positive and negative poles would touch the skin of his esophagus and burn him, reports ABC 13.

Instead, Blair surgically removed the batteries from the pup's stomach. Boogie returned home Sunday, where the dog is now recovering, per the statement.