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Incredible X-Ray Images Of Seashells And Fossils Captured By Photographer Bert Myers (PHOTOS)

A retired doctor with a love for photography has developed his own unique artform.

Using an X-ray machine, Bert Myers captures the breathtaking stillness of nature. The series includes shots of everything from a sea urchin to seashells and fossils of aquatic life.

Myers later studied under photographer and conservationist Ansel Adams and went on to create color as well as black and white X-ray images.

If you find yourself taken by Meyers photography, Nick Veasey's nature X-rays and Dutch artist Albert Koetsier's 'Jewels Of Nature' will also certainly catch your eye.

Check out a selection of Bert Myers X-ray images of seashells and fossils below.

Beautiful X-Ray Images Of Seashells And Fossils