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Xiang Renxian Knits Sweater, Hat From Own Hair (PHOTO)


It might be cold in China, but at least hair sweater will keep her warm.

Xiang Renxian, 60, recently completed a hat and sweater knit from her own hair, the Global Times reported.

The retired teacher, who lives in the Chongqing, China, has been saving strands of her hair for 11 years, amassing 110,000 strands. She said she would put aside the strands that fell out while she was brushing it, according to The Star's translation of Chinese publication Nanyang Siang Pau.

She started the project in part because she felt it was the best way to preserve her long, black hair, according to Shanghai Daily.

While the sweater is for her, the hat was a gift for her husband in return for supporting her hair-knitting hobby. Lucky guy!

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