Xiao Sa, Stray Dog, Follows Chinese Bikers Almost 1139 Miles (VIDEO)

Fluffy Stray Pup Follows Chinese Bikers Almost 1139 Miles

See Spot run ... for more than 1,000 miles!

The BBC reports that a little white stray dog followed a group Chinese bikers across the country after one rider gave him food.

The dog, which was eventually nicknamed Xiao Sa, accepted a chicken leg from a cyclist in Sichuan on May 4, then ran alongside the racers for almost 1,139 miles, arriving in Lhasa on the Tibetan plateau on May 23.

According to Beijing Cream, the dog's name means “Little Bodhisattva."

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The dog's adventures were posted to a blog called Go Go Xiao Sa, which attracted 37,000 followers in two weeks, according to China Daily.

Xiao Sa covered distances of more than 37 miles a day, according to the BBC. Yahoo News reports that the route included dirt roads and 12 mountains.

"Many people stopped cycling in some sections, then took the bus, but the dog made it," cyclist Zhang Heng told China Daily. Xiao Sa became a companion and a mascot for the long journey.

Zhang, who considers Xiao Sa "a friend," would like to adopt the dog, according to Yahoo News.

Upon arriving in Lhasa, Xiao Sa was taken to a veterinary hospital for a full check up. The hospital waived Xiao Sa's bill after hearing the dog's amazing story, according to Beijing Cream.

WATCH: Stray Dog Xiao Sa Follows Chinese Cyclists From Sichuan To Tibet

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